There is plenty to love about the new operating system on our iPads, iPad2s, iPhones, and other devices. Here are our favorite seven new features that iOS 5 is giving us.

Camera Upgrades

Great photos can be difficult to get when there is a fleeting moment you want to capture… and a lag on your iPhone. By time you launch the camera app and shoot the photo, the opportunity is long gone. This is no more with iOS 5. The new operating system has made an attempt to shorten the time. When you pull out your iPhone to take the photo, a photo button is on the locked screen, and you can use the volume button to quickly snap the image (instead of pressing it onscreen). This gives you a bit of an extra break to take that fleeting photo. There are other improvements as well, including basic image editing such as cropping, brightness, and red-eye reduction.

Reading the News with Newsstand

Though I love my other readers that I already have installed, Newsstand is a welcome addition to the bunch. iOS 5’s Newsstand takes control of all of your subscriptions in one place. It automatically updates them, and lets you easily buy new ones, too.

Continually Updated Lock Screen

We’re already familiar with our locked screen, the one that unlocks with a quick swipe of the finger. The new, updated locked screen used to provide a few details (like the time and date). The new version includes all of your new notifications in a list, and you can click directly on the app that you want to see and visit.

All Messages in One: iMessage

iMessage is a new iOS 5 instant messaging application. This comes preinstalled with the new operating system. Instead of using different programs and apps on your iPhone and iPad, it allows you to text with SMS phone users, as well as talk Apple device to Apple device with ease.

Wireless Syncing and Wireless Back-Up

Finally! That is one thing that I really didn’t like about my iPad when I first got it. However, now the new operating system is designed to work with iCloud, which syncs and backs up all of your music, apps, and photos seamlessly. Any device that is running iOS can connect via Wi-Fi, letting your tablet take over as an easy reference source, instead of always plugging it in to update it.

Pull Down Notifications

The updated operating system delivers you a screen that lets you pull down and see a list of the newest notifications and activity on your device. It lets you touch any of the notifications and go straight to it, without having to work your way between the apps.

Reminders (To Remind You of Everything)

“If my head wasn’t attached I’d forget it”; yep, I’ve heard that one before. So I’m really thankful for this update including a new all called Reminders. Just like my love affair with Stickies, I was always wishing for a version (other than Notes) on my iPad2. Reminders is a new, preinstalled app that trumps any other third-party to-do list. This includes features such as alerts, geo-location, and syncs easily with iCal and Outlook.