If you don’t have Evernote already,¬† you’re missing out on this must-have app for anyone who wants to adopt even an ounce of productivity.
Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you organized  and improve productivity. With Evernote, you can take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, and much more. Even better, these are available to you where ever you are.

Not only can you sync all of your notes across the devices you use, but with these, you can create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists, save, sync and share files, make recorded notes, search for text inside images, keep everything organized, email notes and tweets to your account, connect it to other apps, and more!

If you already have Evernote, here are eight more awesome ways to use it.

Create photo notes

Creating photo notes is one of the best things about the app. You can use the camera on your device to capture images of black or white boards, inspiration, meeting details, and more. A perk to this is that with Evernote on iPad, you can actually search the images for text. If you’re a student or work in a place that has a lot of meetings, you’ll find this super helpful.

Share with friends

The collaboration within Evernote is great for both business and social alike. You can share notebooks in a couple ways. First, when you create your notebook in your PC or Mac, click on Shared Tab, then Manage Sharing, then Select Notebook For Sharing. If you are using the iPad app, you can view the shared notebooks, which can be set for users to modify. You can also share them via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you love it, upgrade

Though Evernote is free–and we love it for that–the premium version certainly isn’t without its perks. For $45 a year, users get 12 GB of storage (1 GB of uploads a month), an increase in the single note size to 50 MB, searchable PDFs, 250 emails per day to your Evernote email, and iPad mobile users can access notebooks offline.

Save web clips

If you want to save clips while you’re on your PC or Mac, then look at them on your iPad, this is handy because then you can read them without being connected.

Search within your saves

Because you can search easily with Evernote, it makes for a tool that surpasses most. To search all notes, including those in the ipad app, enter the search terms in the search box located in the upper right side of the app. This should return every note tagged with the term, along with images or web clippings that contains the word. This also helps, for example, when you want to pull all of a specific note together. Tag a lot of recipes? After you search, tap the Save button then name the Search (IE “Recipes to Try”), then click Done. Find this category up in the More tab.

Offline access

To access your notebooks offline, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version. However, if you are going to be offline and you need access from your iPad, go to Settings, then Offline Notebooks, then Select Notebook from the iPad app. It will download everything to your device.

Better management

When you’re in a meeting, use the Evernote note iPad app to take text notes, record necessary audio, snap photos of white boards, and help track your project. Even better, you and everyone else on your team can share and add to the notebook.

Open it in Evernote

All media can be open in Evernote, so when you’re browsing the Internet, looking at files, or taking notes, keep it altogether in one place. You can continually “Open in Evernote” on your iPad, and automatically file it away. To do this for an audio or video file, hold your finger on the file. The “Open in” menu will open, and click on the Evernote application.