We’re in the process of re-tooling AppleReviews a little in order to improve it’s usability and ease of reading for our subscribers. One of our first alterations is to include a whole new, rating system. We’ll be going back through our previous reviews and adding our new rating system. This should help give you quick summary of the product and our opinions on it. It will also aid you in comparing products against each other. We trust that this update will go along way in helping our readers get the best from our reviews.

Rating System Explained

The new ‘Verdict’ section contains the product name, a twitter length summary of our review and our rating, which works similar to exam gradings. The highest rank is an A+ ranging right through to F. An F is a product you should avoid.

A look at the ratings box

The ratings box follows on from a paragraph or two review of the product, known as the ‘Verdict’. Reading just this area will give you a pretty concise overview of the product, without reading the whole post.

How’s it look in practice?

The ‘Verdict’ sections marks the end of the review. Here we’ll write a 1 – 2 paragraph review of the whole article. This will then be followed by the rating overview.