Apple has launched their new Find My Mac tool for developers who have achieved access to their new iCloud service. This allows users to locate, lock, and even completely delete the hard drive to a lost Mac computer.

Find My Mac is similar designed to Find My iPhone, a service that allows you to find your iPhone if you’ve lost it. A main difference, however, is the fact that Macs don’t have a GPS, so the service seems to use Wi-Fi networks to determine where the Mac at large might be located.

Find My Mac first debuted in the developer versions of Mac’s newest OS X Lion. Sources say that it seems that Apple is planning to move current MobileMe accounts over to the new iCloud, codenamed “Castle.”

Find My Mac works with ease: once it spots its location, the user on the other end can use the tool to send messages, lock the screen, and even completely wipe the hard drive. For it to be activated only by that user, they have to first put in a four digit PIN to have access to the device.

It should be available this fall for everyone.