Word on the street is that Windows Mobile finally got the huge take-down it deserved, by the one and only iPhone!

Previously, studies could confirm what we all knew – the iPhone was outselling all other WINMo devices, and even had a bigger share of the mobile web market. But this latest study shows that the iPhone overtook Microsoft’s offering in October, by around 2 million extra devices since the last count in July. Previously, MS had been leading Apple, but at each count the margins were getting smaller and smaller.

Around 36 million Americans have a smart phone and a further 196 million have a more traditional type cell phone. This survey is designed to represent real world usage rather than just sales. This news comes on the back of reports that showed Apple had surpassed Microsoft in sales way-back in Q2 of this year. It appears as though iPhone users are also heavy users of the Mobile Internet, compared to other platforms. Whether this is down to the iPhone’s ease of use, or bundled Internet plans, it’s not known. IPhone users took 50% of the internet share, tailed by Symbian users (25), Android (11) and RIM (7). Windows Mobile took a mere 3 percent. This is probably because the Windows users got fed up and threw their devices into the nearest duck pond…..