For ┬ábit of a change, we thought we’d take a look at some inspiring Apple set-ups from around the web.

Perhaps you’ll see something you like and set about incorporating it in your workspace. There’s some clever desk and workspace products in there too to add to your office. Enjoy! Ed

Nicholas Todd

118 550x309 Awesome Apple Set ups

This is my workspace. I built the Shelf myself with a tray inset and planted some wheat grass for a nice color. The shelf is also light from beneath for a nice ambient glow at night. I love the dual monitor setup and mounted the 23″ HD Cinema display with a VESA wall mount. I also built the desk from a door, attached it to the wall with a cleat and and attached two legs from EQ3. I’m still in school and have lots of group projects, so the large desk is perfect for two people. All in all I love having this workspace in my bedroom. Suggestions welcome. Let me know what you think!

An awesome workspace from Nicholas Todd. Equipment includes a wall mounted cinema display (23″) and a 17″ Macbook Pro – oh and a tray full of grass!

Travis Isaacs

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A wonderful airy office, with a brilliant view- the trees look good too! A MacBook Pro and large 24″ Dell display top this line-up and offer great value and plenty of performance to boot.

Travis has another set-up too, a wonderful dual-monitor (portrait) combo.

310 550x412 Awesome Apple Set ups

Travis Isaacs’ desk


49 550x366 Awesome Apple Set ups

Kofoed is one highly hydrated designer, coffee, water – you name it. He’s also set up with a tasty MBP / Mac Pro pairing.

Kofoed on Flickr


66 550x371 Awesome Apple Set ups

An amazingly minimalist desk, with some very unique desktop grommets from Belkin. Simple drill a 3 inch whole in the desk, and drop these clever USB hubs right in. For more info, visit Belkin

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Nice cabling!

blupic on Flickr

Chet Yeary

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Chet Yeary has 2 very cool TwelveSouth products on his desktop – the BookArc for MBP and the new BookArc for the iPad.

Laurent Bourrelly

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Laurent has a very cool clasy Mac set-up, an iMac G4, iPhone and the new bluetooth keyboard and mouse set.

View on Flickr


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A 17″ MBP, 32GB iPhone, an iPad and a HP mounted on the wall