Sure, we love the nostalgia that goes along with our gaming memories. After all, how can we forget about each moment spent with our Coleco or Atari system, pressing away at a game that wasn’t complex at all… but so complex at the same time.

It’s obvious: video games and video game systems have really improved since we were kids. No longer are we subject to the simplicity of 8-bit graphics, or basic boring controllers. Nor do we need to actually have an opponent in the room–hell, they can be from across the world! Ah yes, we’ve come so far.

But one company is bringing us back to our memories, yet keeping us up-to-date: the perfect balance.

ThinkGeek has an awesome output of retro gaming options for your iPhone and iPad.

JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick

Users can bring their gaming to the next level with this innovative arcade stick. It gives you a real joystick and is perfect for touchscreen games. To attach it, all you have to do is press it down  to the screen, with no batteries or wires needed. It works with thousands of different apps, for any that use an on-screen control pad. To use it, press on the game, put the JOYSTICK-IT on the screen’s control pan, and push down. It adds precise movement and faster response time. It is safe for the screen, easy to remove and resposition, and made of solid milled aluminum.

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iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet

The folks at ThinkGeek think this is the perfect complement to the iPad. To use it, all you have to do is slide your iPad into the cradle. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect the iPad to the iCADE so there is nothing else that you have to do to set it up. ThinkGeek has also partnered with ION, along with Atari, to bring the games you remember to life. Those who love gaming classics will want to download Atari’s Greatest Hits, which brings the best of retro gaming to iOS with 100 classic games from Atari. It is compatible with both the iPad and iPad2.

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iCADE 8-Bitty – Retro Wireless Game Controller

The iCDE 8-Bitty is a wireless game controller with that retro classic D-Pad and button layout that reminds us of our 1980-inspired love for the good ol’ Nintendo system. It works with both your iPad and iPhone to play numerous apps that use a game controller, and supports a list of hundreds of retro game apps, such as the classic Atari choices. It uses an open interface system so app developers can add game support. It includes four face buttons, a Start and Select keys, two shoulder buttons, plus the D-Pad. It uses a wireless connection, and has an auto power save mode, too.

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