The amount of accessories for the iPhone and iPod line are almost infinite. There’s everything from cases to external battery packs….

And now, Blue Microphones offer a professional grade dock-connector Microphone, compatible with the iPod / iPhone lines.

This accessory is incredibly high quality – both in terms of the components used and also the final output sound files. There’s a lot of detail and fine craftsmanship gone into the Mikey as well as it’s surrounding features – and so we’ll be taking a look at them closely in today’s review.

Today’s review is a little special too – as we’ve managed to bag an interview with none other than Blue’s CEO – John Maier. John chatted to us about the Mikey (and told us why it’s just so good) and also gives some sneaky details on the next Mikey model which will be released in the not-too-distant future.

Part One:

Part Two:


  • 44khz/16bit CD-quality stereo recording direct to iPod
  • 180° five angle adjustments for maximum flexibility
  • Three user-adjustable gain settings to capture the clearest stereo sound
  • Built-in speaker for playback
  • Record up to four hours continuously
  • Compact portable design
  • No software necessary for installation
  • Superior quality Blue condenser capsules
  • Indicator light
  • Premium sound quality
  • Fits most protective cases
  • Pairs well with applications like Fire (live recording) and AudioBoo (Social Networking)
  • Perfect for lecture recording, music, voice memos, travel journals and more

Who’s it for?

The Mikey is for any iPod / iPhone user looking for CD quality recording capabilities. You can use the Blue Mikey to record lectures, gigs, podcasts, interviews, radio shows, memos, dictation, audio-blogs, songs (see recording with the Mikey) and more! The variable gain switch on the back means whether you’re recording a bird-song or whaling guitars – the microphone will maintain good sound quality.

There are a variety of videos on featuring singer / song writers producing some amazing music using just the Mikey, an iPhone and 4Track.

Truly amazing quality from the Mikey!


It has to be said, I’m a huge sucker for retro-mic designs. Blue have really nailed the design with Mikey. The outer-casing uses a black plastic grill with some chrome detailing around the edges and on the Blue logo. On the front-side you also note 3 Blue LEDs that indicate the current gain setting. On the rear of the Mikey you’ll find the gain-switch and also a speaker for monitoring recordings.

The standard 30 pin dock connector means you can connect the Mikey to any iPod. Officially, the Mikey supports:

  • iPod touch
    2nd generation

  • iPod touch
    1st generation

  • iPod classic
    120GB 160GB (2009)

  • iPod classic
    160GB (2007)

  • iPod classic 80GB
  • iPod nano 5th generation (video camera)
  • iPod nano
    4th generation (video)

  • iPod nano
    3rd generation (video)

  • iPod nano
    2nd generation (aluminum)

  • iPod
    5th generation (video

You can also expect the Mikey to work with the iPhone. We tested it with our iPhone 3GS and it works a treat!



Introduction to our test

The above is our quick test of the Blue Mikey. The occasional knocking is us moving the device around. Overall, the quality is excellent. It’s a testament to the quality that the Mikey can be used as a very capable sound / song recorder. Brilliant sound from such a small device make the Mikey a must have for any iPhone / iPod owner.


A fantastic little microphone, punching well above it’s size and price. For more information, visit: