Do you want to protect your iPhone from scratches? We mean, like real protection?

Not just a case, but almost like a second skin wrapped around your iPhone? Yes? Well you’re in luck, meet¬†BodyGaurdz -a clear, scratch proof membrane for your iPhone.

In the box, you’ll see that BodyGaurdz have included not one, but two, front and two rear BodyGaurdz sheets, the application fluid, a firm squeegee (made of plastic card) and some very clear instructions. The BodyGaurdz has received some pretty awesome reviews around the web, but we have to say that in order to get the very best from this product, you must be very patient. This isn’t as simple as slapping the film on and carrying on using the device. The instructions tell you to take things slow, be patient and use plenty of applicator fluid (provided in a handy spray tube) and your iPhone will be out of action for 12 hours whilst it dries.

Tidy looking packaging

The two body guards

Inside the packaging, you’ll find a squeegee, instructions, applicator and 2 front / rear facing films

Step 1 is to clean the device well, preferably using a Microfiber cloth to leave no dust or fabric strands behind. Our iPhone went from this, to:

To being spotless!

Follow the instructions closely – the steps are very clear and easy to understand, big thumbs up here!

Examine the films first, doing a test fit if you feel the need to do so. You’ll notice these have been perfectly cut with a laser for superb accuracy

The included applicator fluid works well, and simplifies the installation process

Make sure you use plenty of the spray as you peel back the film from it’s backing

You’ll also need to work the film with the included squeeguee to remove the bubbles and excess fluid

Once applied, the film is almost invisible and adds a slight ‘tack’ to touch

Strength Test

The manufacturers claim this is a very tough film, so lets test that. BodyGuardz, meet a ball point pen.

Despite the film been hair thin, it takes a serious amount of force from a ball point pen to pierce

This was very surprising, such a thin film, but yet able to withstand some very firm force

It seems that only a surgical scalpel could pierce the film easily!


It’s not as easy as snapping on a plastic case, but the protection offered is hard to match. The film withstood some serious force, even scratching from a scalpel blade and key. That means your iPhone is going to be protected from it’s screen right round to the chrome Apple logo. Awesome!

For more information and to purchase a BodyGuardz visit: There are BodyGaurdz to match all popular gadgets, from the iPad to a HTC Droid. Checkout install videos here: