Ever found yourself in the situation of not been able to reach your iPhone or just needing a little of extra length (perhaps to avoid bending over)? We have. That’s why when the Cable Jive dockXtender was dropped off by Andy from FedEx, we were impressed. This is a unique product, and works very well. The dockXtender works with the iPad, iPhone and iPod line – essentially, it’s a Female 30-pin dock connector on a choice of 2 or 6 foot cables, with a Male Dock at the end. If you an iPad however, it opens it up to be been used with the hundreds of iPhone and iPod speaker systems, which is pretty neat. The build quality on the dockXtender is good, this cable looks and feels as though it was made by Apple themselves and is offered in a nice, deep black color.

There’s a fair bit of advanced technology going on here too – it’s not merely a cable with 2 ports on. The dockXtender has been designed to work with every model and generation of iPhone, iPad, iPods and cases (apart from the iPhone 4 Bumper). That’s good because it means you no longer have to remove your case to dock on tightly designed docks or speaker systems. Anything that you can do on the iPhone or iPad will work through your dockXtender. The cable is designed to separate out the power wires from the audio / visual cables – to reduce interference too! With all that going on inside the outer shell, you’d think the cable was stiffer than a dead dog, but it’s very flexible with plenty of give.

The Female 30-pin input

The Male 30-Pin Output

Works well, shown here with our Made2Dock in-desk dock

Charging, syncing, emailing – anything you can do normally works through the dockXtender.

Looks good!

The dockXtender is available from Cable Jive for $25.95 for the 2-foot edition we tested, or $31.95 for the 6 footer. All in a brilliant product, and incredibly useful.

Find out more about the Cable Jive dockXtender at: http://www.cablejive.com/products/dockXtender.html