Most Mac users will have an external hard drive. We all use them. They have become an integral part of our workflow.

They offer a quick, simple way of increasing computer storage space without breaking into your precious MacBook to upgrade components. These gadgets tend to look quite tacky. Mac users are very demanding. We want performance, looks and quality. Step in the AV Drive by CalDigit, a beautifully designed hard drive that offers good power efficiency, great looks and speed – lot’s and lot’s of speed!


  • 7200 RPM 1TB Hard Drive
  • USB 3.0 (incredible speeds!)
  • FW800 (optimized to be up to 30% faster)
  • High quality finish
  • Good heat management
  • Eco-efficiency
  • Optimized for Audio / Video professionals software
  • CalDigit SuperSpeed PCI Express Card included for converting a Mac Pro to USB3.0

As you can see, this hard drive is very well kitted out. You get everything you need in one box. Upon opening the box for the test, we we’re pleasantly surprised by the amount of accessories included. Cables, PCI Express card e.t.c This is refreshing – as the hard drive is then ready to go straight out of the box. Just plug it in to your FW800 port (or you can convert a Mac Pro to USB3.0 using the included SuperSpeed PCI Express Card). The USB 3.0 Expresscard is available bundled with the AV Drive and also separately. Using this set-up, you can achieve speeds of 145MB/s. Reading and writing your data has never been quicker. We tested the CalDigit on a new model iMac. We we’re very pleased with the speed and performance from the hard drive. As we work as part-time web designers, storing files on a hard drive is a must, especially for our on-site back-up and to help save space on our iMac. Fitting the CalDigit into your work flow is seamless, it’s very much plug and go. You’ll find the manual and packaged software on the drive pre-loaded, as this helps reduce the companies carbon footprint. A green hard-drive indeed. This also highlights the ease of initial set-up.

As we haven’t got access to a Mac Pro, we utilized the AV Drive’s Firewire option. Firewire is by no means slow normally, but you can almost feel the increase in speed between normal FW800 and optimized without actually measuring any physical numbers. It’s good to see CalDigit have also given more though to environmentally-friendliness by adding power management that will wake and sleep the drive along with your computer. That means the AV Drive will be off when your Mac is and powered on when you need it.


They say Form follows function, that’s especially here. Primarily this is a brilliant hard drive! But that doesn’t mean it has to look like an airfix model! The AV Drive is very, very high quality. Based on an aluminum chassis, it looks the part on any desk. The side has some louvres, possibly for cooling, but these also add a nice touch to the design. The front face features those awesome, ‘Mac’ style circular grills and right in the middle is a little green power indicator. It looks just as though Apple made it – understated, high quality and very attractive!


As if all the above wasn’t quite enough, CalDigit are so confident in the build of this device, they offer a 30Day, 100% Money back guarantee. Not that you’ll be returning it.


Mac users demand performance from their external hard drives. And the CalDigit AV Drive delivers performance by the bucket load. This is a seriously fast, well designed, power efficient drive. It’s the drive to have if you need a reliable, blisteringly fast storage device. Boasting speeds of 145MB/s via USB 3.0 and 85 MB/s on Optimized FW800. CalDigit claim that the Optimized Firewire is 30% faster than other competing products. 30% quicker on a 100GB is a lot faster. This is one serious RAID compatible hard-drive.

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The only instructions included (or needed) are a small pamphlet.

Straight out of the box, looks good!

The rear housing, with cooling fan, USB3.0 and 2 FW800 ports.

Power input far left, along with a kensington lock to keep your precious drive in place.

The fabulous grilled side, good for cooling and looks.

The LED power indicator, also serves as the on / off button.

Looks great on any desk.

Or in your lounge as part of a home-cinema set-up.

Box contents.

A very neat package.

Sites well on the top of your desk, right next your Mac.