With the i7 quad-core iMacs shipping, geeks are finally able to get their hands on the new systems and test them out.

First impressions are good. Geekbench and Cinebench scorings for the new iMacs show the Desktop class processor’s have real meaty processing power, in a consumer grade product.

There are also lots of unboxings popping up on YouTube, such as this one by soilderknowsbest.

Blogger Timon Royer has posted lots of benchmark results too. You should check those out here.


Here’s one users thoughts on the new iMacs.

Let me get this out the way right away for those on the fence about this beast.

1. It’s fast, damn fast i just ripped a DVD and it took 20 minutes to rip but the encode took 15. LOL

2. Speakers sound a bit better then before not astronomically like Apple made it seem just a bit, definitely noticeable.

3. Hard Drive is louder you can hear it if it’s quiet in the room.

4. Fans are louder too if you encoding all all 8 threads are cranking at full speed you’ll hear the fans for sure.

5. The screen is absolutely amazing, man it makes my 24″ look like crap and that thing looks awesome.

Macrumors forum user’s impressions