Oh, Apple. Is there anything you can’t do? Looks like the answer is “nothing”, as an increasing number of innovative apps are bringing it to new heights.

ProcessAway! is one of these, the perfect solution for businesses. All you need in an internet connection, and your iPhone or iTouch becomes a mobile processing solution, allowing you to accept credit cards and immediate authorization on the spot.

The software has a one-time purchase fee of $19.99; the merchant account is charged monthly, no different from current merchant charges from othr sources.

With ProcessAway!, your handheld can immediately verifying the credit card’s validity, ensuring sufficient funds, and giving you the ease of knowing the charge went through.

ProcessAway! offers impressive, revolutionary, yet functional credit card charging capabilities for the merchant. It combines the convenience and mobility of the iPhone/iTouch with the power to do business, make sales, and authorize/capture charges anywhere there is a network connection. You can also reserve funds, perfect for rental agencies or contractors who want to assure funds are available before any work is started. These funds are held for 30 days.

Emailing receipts is a breeze, as a transaction email is automatically sent each time to the customer, with the option of a more detailed receipt if being imported into a program such as Quickbooks. For the merchant, it also features a detailed transaction log for your reference.

Holds, voids, refunds and tips are all done with ease; the app covers every avenue, having to leave no areas as an afterthought.

Perfect for those who own their own business or are self employed, its a valuble investment to attach to your current handheld, and a great alternative to other (often more expensive, immobile or unreliable) options.

More information at ProcessAway!‘s website