Are you looking for the best mobile browser for your iPhone? Look no further than Dolphin, the simplest and most efficient way to browse the mobile web.

It is easy to use, has awesome add-ons, and everything you want can be done with just the touch of your finger. Here are our favorite features:


To go along with their theme of simplicity, gestures are used to simplify the way that you navigate the mobile web. Everything is done with ease, using just your fingertip, making the device direct and intuitive. No typing, no thinking. For example – want to check out Google? Draw a G. That’s it.


If you’re familiar with apps like Flipboard for the iPad or the way that WordPress streamlines for mobile use, you’ll love Webzine from Dolphin. Web pages are displayed cleanly as thumbnail images, and you can use that handy scrolling finger to quickly and easily tap on any image to open the page.

Tabbed Browsing

Just like our favorite browsers, Dolphin offers tabbed browsing, so you don’t have to toggle between screens. It lets the switch come extremely fast without having to close, re-open, and re-open again (a qualm I have with Safari on my iPad!).


SideBar is a handy tool showcasing how unlimited your mobile can be. Simple swipes shows you the Tool Bar to launch more features, and a swipe to the left lets you look through your browser’s bookmark lists.

Speed Dial

Just like on the phone, you want the ones that you like the most to be the most accessible. No different with on the Web: Speed Dial lets you stop typing out long URLs or hunt for bookmarks. Just save 10 of your favorite sites and reach them with a quick tap of the finger.

Bookmark Bar

The Bookmark folder is like no other, letting you organize your bookmarks into folders on your phone.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is the home to your Speed Dial, Gesture customization, as well as email and bookmarks. Say goodbye to copy and pasting… Dolphin lets you copy the URL with just a single button.

Auto Fill

For the sites that aren’t among your favorites, Auto Fill makes up for it. Dolphin auto-completes your URLS by displaying all of the results from your browsing history, including your bookmarks.

One Click Share

Want to share a website to your favorite social media? No need to leave the page – just click the Twitter or Facebook icon to share with all of your friends and followers.

Desktop Mode

For those who like the convenience of switching between desktop and mobile view, you can easily turn on and switch off the desk top mode to be able to view the full site on your mobile device.

We love Dolphin, and what it’s brought to the table, It combines the simplicity of Safari, but with an interface that is vastly different. With its tabs and quick swipes, it brings mobile browsing to a whole new level. We also love the convenience of attaching it to our Twitter feed. And the Gestures? Genius.

Dolphin is a free download from the App store: an essential for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, running iOS 4.0 or higher.