One of the great things about the iPad is the light weight and portability available. It’s great for those times when you’re preparing to travel

and that laptop is just a little bit too cumbersome to take with you, but you need something more powerful than your phone.
Because the iPad fills this gap so well, there are several essentials for an iPad on the go that no traveling user should be without.

Incase Travel Kit Plus

Starting with bare basics, when you buy an iPad you invest in an expensive piece of advanced technology – so it makes sense to protect your investment. A case can serve many purposes; protecting your screen/back from scratches, adding functionality (such as holding documents or acting as a stand) or just to look stylish. Whatever you want from a case there’s one to suit you, but this case suits everyone on the move.
For those unfamiliar with Incase, they’re a great company that specialize in cases and kits for Apple products. The Travel Kit Plus ( detail/travel-kit-plus-cl57513) for the iPad is a big seller from them and it’s not hard to see why.
The case itself offers great protection, lining the iPad pouch with faux fur to avoid scratches – combined with it’s waterproof outer lining it’s the equivalent of a tank with a lovely comfy interior.
What really makes this case stand out though is the numerous pouches, pockets and compartments for everything from a charger to a keyboard to your ear buds. This alone really makes the case stand out as a superior travel case for your iPad. You’ll be happy on your travels with great peace of mind knowing your iPad is safe and scratch free, whilst at the same time you have all the accessories you want to bring.

Screen Protector and Anti-Glare

We all fret about our iPad’s precious screen and get a little uneasy when someones tapping away at it with dirty hands or sharp nails – that’s where a screen protector can ease your mind against using the iPad in dusty and similar environments. JAVOedge offer a product that not only helps protect the screen physically, it also lowers the amount of glare visible for when you’re lounging in the sun with your iPad in hand.

The screen protector is specifically designed for the iPad, fitting perfect from corner to corner and even comes with a bubble remover – as anyone who’s tried to fit protectors to an iPad or iPhone will know how stressful getting air bubbles out from underneath can be! The screen is also removable and reusable, combine that with the protection offered, anti-glare and lack of finger prints and you can’t argue for such good price range.

Camera Connection Kit

Photos are the pinnacle of any good vacation away from home, we pose for plenty and take even more. That’s why the camera connection kit from Apple makes perfect sense to take abroad or even just use at home.
The kit comes with two adapters, USB and SD Card, meaning the connection kit can support virtually any digital camera. When you sync up your photos with your iPad, the photos app automatically launches and sorts your photos in to albums for you. What’s even more handy is when your iPad syncs up with your Mac – so do all the photos.
Word has it too that the USB connector also acts as a USB port for the iPad, meaning it can also be used for a keyboard, headset or just a thumb drive (which you can also import photos from!).

Car Charger

Simple and super cheap, a car charger is an ideal companion for a road trip around the country. The charger simply sits your cigarette lighter in your car, whether your car is foreign or domestic.
The iPad is brilliant for road trips, if you can only charge whilst stationary then you could find yourself pulled over for longer than you want. Using a cigarette lighter powered iPad charger on the road is convenient, time saving and allows you to not worry about pulling over to get your iPad it’s juice.