If your anything like us you’ll find actually sourcing new and cool apps pretty tough. Yes you can subscribe to 1500 mac app blogs.

Or you could use an app that combines a collection of over 835 apps, categorized for easy browsing, rather like the awesome (and completely free Bodega). Bodega also makes finding an app that does X extremely easy. So if you need an application that helps you concentrate, you’d simple click “Desktop Enhancements” or “Productivity” and check what’s available.


Bodega is probably one the best looking iPhone apps out there…


Category view looks the bomb, it’s just like browsing a tasty mac software shop, if it we’re to exist.


Just a taste of categories on offer. Self explanatory and well labelled. This element works well as a sidebar to focus your attention principally on the apps to the right.


The app page offers a brief run down of the app, as well as a shortcut to purchase or download the app. This works really well, think of it as the missing iTunes category.


Single clicking an icon reveals a super-short description, price, rating and ability to download and purchase the app. Now that’s nifty for anyone in a hurry.


Bodega has the ability to purchase apps from the Bodega UI. Brilliant! You can save receipts to .png.

So, to sum up:

  • Bodega is extremely easy to use
  • Browsing is very fun
  • The UI is beautiful
  • The list of apps is pretty large
  • Categories make for easier browsing

Yes, Bodega rocks! You’ll never meet the situation of “I really need an app to help me build scale model fans” because you’ll find one via Bodega. Enjoy zen like sanity.