Continuing our recent string of audio related reviews, we look at the Gear 4 SoundOrb Aurora.

The SoundOrb Aurora is a high-end subwoofer and speaker system for the iPhone / iPod. We’re going to show you why the SoundOrb is in another universe compared to other systems on offer.

First up, when opening up the SoundOrb, you’ll be struck with awe at it’s chunky, white design. The speaker system visually looks amazing. Sat in your front room this thing is a piece of art. The Subwoofer and speaker are finished in a gloss white and look superbly classy.

The stunning SoundOrb Aurora

Once wired up, the SoundOrb amazes yet again. The Subwoofer lights up! Working it’s way through a color spectrum, the Orb gracefully fades through peaceful colors. In the dark, the effect is both mesmerizing and stunning.


  • 2.1 wireless speaker system
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Sub-Woofer
  • DSP Virtual Effects
  • Adjustable ambient light in Sub-Woofer
  • Charges iPod / iPhone when docked
  • Backlit touch controls
  • Video output (from your iPod / iPhone to your TV)
  • Audio input (from your TV)
  • Remote control

Here’s a breakdown of the features in more detail:


The combination of a powerful speaker with a separate down-firing Sub-Woofer that can be placed up to 30 meters away, provides a unique spatial quality missing from the sound of other iPod speakers.

  • Non-directional Sub-Woofer with extended bass port: gives fuller bass with greater depth and impact
  • DSP technology with sound algorithm: delivers enhanced audio precision and detail
  • Virtual Wide Stereo and Virtual Surround Sound: utilizes the full capability of the iPod or iPhone to do justice to original recordings


To really release the full potential of the iPod or iPhone, SoundOrb Aurora has all the necessary connectivity options for use as a home theatre sound system, including:

  • Video out port: link up to a TV to bring your music videos and movies to life on the big screen
  • Audio in port: enjoy favorite TV shows and DVDs with all the benefits of SoundOrb Aurora’s powerful Sub-Woofer and 3D sound recreation

The SoundOrb lights up in some peaceful, ambient colors


As well as outstanding acoustic performance and impressive functionality, SoundOrb Aurora explores what an audio system can bring to a room beyond sound:

  • Striking polar white design that simultaneously delivers sound and light
  • EveryColour ambient light: LED technology housed in the Sub-Woofer provides 1000s of colors from within the natural spectrum, scientifically proven to complement and relax your experience of music
  • Flexible settings: scroll through colors, stay on a color of choice (or clean white light) or simply turn off the light


Now for the most important part of any audio related review – the sound test. The SoundOrb was docked up to our iPhone 3GS (in white too) and the tunes were provided by Spotify.

The sound produced by this speaker system is nothing more than orchestral! It’s pin sharp and incredibly clear. Working through the volume to the top, there’s little loss of quality. The bass offers up incredible depth to your tunes and is very powerful. The dial on the back allows for tweaking of the amount of bass – around 50% suited us best.

There are 3 sound modes – Virtual Wide Stereo, Virtual Surround sound or the normal ‘stereo’ mode – the normal stereo mode does suit spoken radio programs or podcasts but virtual wide stereo and surround sound really add a new field to your music or movies.

Speaking of which, the SoundOrb can connect to DVD players or TVs and provide powerful soundtracks to films and TV programs. This is all achieved via a video outport and Audio in port.

If you can get to a store to try the SoundOrb, you must! It must be heard to be believed. This is our favorite and most highly recommended speaker system for your iPhone or iPod.


Operating the SoundOrb is very simple with the provided remote or large blue buttons on the top of the main speaker. This remote can pause, play and skip tracks playing through the iPod and adjust settings such as volume, bass and sound mode.


Having said things like “This is our favorite and most highly recommended speaker system for your iPhone or iPod. ” and “The sound produced by this speaker system is nothing more than orchestral!” you can probably guess our thoughts on this system. The punchy, clean sound is a listening pleasure. It’s the best speaker system we’ve tried to date. It looks amazing, sounds amazing and it lights up! What more can you ask for? The only downside? We have to send our review sample back 🙁

The Gear 4 SoundOrb Aurora is available for a SRP of £249.99.

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