Mobile ad network Greystripe has released a new report discussing how consumers are using their iPhones.

The report is based on data collected from Greystripe users, tracking January to March of this year and analyzing their iPhone user base. Greystripe has recently added Flash ads to their network, and this report reflects this focus by surveying the users and their reaction to their new Flash ad format.

Within their report, after noted demographic and lifestyle information was collected, are details on user engagement with the iPhone.

Among the findings:

  • users spend 9.6 minutes using and playing each app
  • those individuals use free apps about 20 times before getting bored
  • they also spend 3 hours and 10 minutes with games/apps overall
  • 46% of users play or use each app 5 times or more
  • only about 10% play or use them 25 times or more
  • short flash videos (“tailgate” ads) keep their attention for as long as 22 seconds
  • 10% of them interact with said ads
  • 80% of users would download these free-ad supported games
  • there was an overall increase of awareness and purchase interest from those who engaged in Greystripe Flash Ads versus online flash ads

This data was based on 600 apps from Greystripe’s network, from ranging from WordWrap to Fart for Free.

Take a look at all of the details in the full report, available for download here.