Every so often, there are products you come across that are just awesome. Nothing less. Meet the dock-IN-case (desk) by made2dock.

The dock-IN-case (desk) is a solid block of machined aircraft-quality 6061 aluminum, available anodized in black, or as we have in it’s raw, machined silver excellence. The dock consists of a solid base unit, a 30pin dock iPod / iPhone connector, and an ample 36″ long usb cable.


  • Made to fit iPhones (3G/3GS) even when protected by skins and cases.
  • The dock-IN-desk design is engineered to fit holes from 2.95″ to 3.35″ in diameter. It also ships with a strip of self-adhesive foam rubber which can be wrapped around the base of the dock to ensure a snug fit inside the desktop hole.
  • The custom machined pocket assures that your iPhone will be properly supported. You don’t have to worry about an accidental bump or nudge damaging the iPhone’s USB connection.
  • The base is made from solid aircraft-quality 6061 aluminum and anodized black. The pocket is machined to precise tolerances to fit your iPhone securely. The solid construction also gives the docking station a solid, substantial feel.
  • Supplied with the USB cable and can be used with your AC power adapter to charge your phone or plugged straight into your computer to sync your phone. The 36″ long USB cable comes permanently pre-assembled into the base of the docking station. Silver docks are shipped with a white cable, black anodized docks are shipped with a black cable.

So that’s the tech stuff. Here’s our fitting guide and thoughts


Fitting is repetitively simply, but you’ll need to drill a 3″ hole in your desk. As we were carrying out a new build on our desk, it was the ideal time to do this. We quickly calculated the correct position (i.e so it was comfortable and within reach) and asked a very handy joiner friend to drill the holes for us with a 3″ hole saw. At the same time, we also had some 2″ cable holes drilled behind our Macs. Then, simply run the USB cable to your Mac and your done installing. The result is a very clean, sleek looking dock – incorporated in your desk (so no messing about looking for lost cables).

The in-desk-dock by Made2Dock is impeccably machined. This is the extra large slot version, or the ‘thick’. This fits every case we’ve, from the QDOS JetSet to the larger SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel. The cone extending from the leading edge allows for operating the home button.

Another shot showing the dock lifted out of it’s home.

The rather rough edge we cut for the dock to sit in. The black band running around the lower lip is 3M tape supplied by Made2Dock to pack the dock in the hole, and prevent it from slipping. This gives it a very solid feel, but makes removing for cleaning a push.

The view from underneath. The bottom side is covered in a rubbery film, presumably to prevent scratching. The provided cable is plenty long, so long in fact it was able to run through our trunking, loop around and up through the cable hole behind our Mac. Alternatively, you could just run this into your AC mains charger.

Awesome machining and looks.

So we good, we bought two! These look amazing and work so well – every Mac owner needs these.


It doesn’t just fit iPhones, but iPod touches, Nanos – basically most iPods should fit in this larger version.

Connecting then allows for operation as normal, including syncing, updates, charging – it’s a usb dock after all, with a very fancy dress.

If you want your desk to emulate Jean-Luc Picard’s desk, this is the gadget…

Connecting as normal

Our iPod Nano securely held in place, looking as good as ever.


The best dock we’ve reviewed bar none. It looks amazing, cleans your desk up and offers up an integrated functionality no other dock offers. No more searching for cables and docks in your gadget drawers make this a brilliant product. Highly recommended, with an AppleReviews A+ Recommendation!

For more information on the dock-IN-case (Desk) by made2dock, visit the made2dock page: http://made2dock.myshopify.com/products/dock-in-desk. This page also contains fitting details and sizing guides for cases.