We pick todays news up with some sources reporting Apple are planning to introduce a line of iPhones with 5MP cameras.

Of Course, this isn’t either the first camera upgrade (the 3GS got an extra MP over the 3G’s basic but acceptable 2MP) and neither is it the first rumor of Apple planning camera upgrades – some sites reported the touch would get a camera when it recently underwent spec and price changes. The camera was not forthcoming.

Digitimes is reporting that Omnivision has an order to supply Apple with 40 – 45 Million CMOS Image Sensors (CIS). It is believed this new model will be released in the 2nd half of the year, and it’s likely Apple will be planning a design and specs tweak also. We could see an end to the plastic clamshell design, perhaps Apple favouring a Unibody style design making more use of Aluminium? It is also suggested that the Taiwanese company will supply Apple with the much rumored iPod touch sensors. It was recently discovered there is an apparent space on the circuit board where many had stated the camera would feature.

Image source: http://www.9to5mac.com/unibody-iPhone