Control your music and workout with ease with easy-to-function access to your iPod while pushing through your daily dose of exercise. The Nike+ iPod WatchRemote allows wireless access through a wrist-mounted remote, working to control your iPod. The strap is made long-lasting polyurethane, so if your activity is a little more vigorous (IE sprinting through mountains), it’s built to last through your toughest challenges. And its stainless steel, pop-shut closure ensures a perfect fit.

Easy controls allow you to play, pause, skip tracks and contol volume, but it’s far more than wireless iPod communitcation. The remote is a full-fledged information monitor. Just press the side button after you start your run, to learn the details around your distance, calories, pace and time.

One issue with some watches and monitors (although this is incomparable in value) is  poor lighting, but the WatchRemote features an LED display, so it doesn’t matter what time of day or what the weather is like when you’re hitting the path. And because it’s water resistant, pouring rain isn’t a problem.

The one-touch access to your Powersong (read: the one that gives you that extra boost) is our favourite part, so repeatedly playing the Rocky theme (or whatever ails you) is done with ease.

Nike+ is designed for individuals who like to run with music pumping in their ears, and want to measure and monitor their progress.

It works in conjunction with your Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and iPod (sold separately); but if you have an iPod touch 2G, the  Nike+ Wireless receiver is built in, so you only need the Nike+ iPod Sensor (sold separately).

With the additional accessories, it works with all iPod nano all models and iPod touch 2nd generation.

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