Apple update their products often, but when they cost as much as they do, you want to at-least have a brand new machine for as long as possible. So then, if you have an old white iMac or a Clam shell notebook should you upgrade now or wait?

Let’s see…



If your planning on upgrading to the new iMac, your pretty safe in doing so. Any of the new models are truly powerful machines, set for the future. 3.06ghz core 2 duo is awesome. The only thing Apple might do is bump specs or lower prices slightly. So purchasing an iMac now is a good bet, unless you want to wait a few more months for those coming minor-updates. The new look / spec iMacs also means there’s a lot of used / nearly new models from the last line going at great prices on eBay, so Mac Pro it might be worth considering one of those.



The Macbooks saw a recent update in late October, receiving new internals and a unibody plastic case. It was also updated at the same time as the iMac, so any major changes made within the next few months is unlikely. Go ahead and grab one! Or as before, you might find a 2nd hand Macbook on eBay suits you and offers more power for your money. Personally, I purchased a few year old Macbook (the Black one) with 2.4ghz CPU cheaper than the newest line. More power, less money (and in my opinion a better looking notebook).

Macbook Pro


The MBP has a very short refresh cycle. Around 200 days on average to be precise. The last update came in June of this year, and it’s time is nearly up. Most likely the MBP will see new internals, and perhaps a lower price – coupled with one of those flash new LED screens found in the iMac. A new core structure is expected from Intel – ranging in speeds from 2.4 to 2.66gHz. The MBP situation means you should probably wait until January or February for an update MacBook Pro model.

Mac Pro


The Mac Pro is overdue an upgrade. Updated in March this year, when it was treated to some new CPU power. The Mac Pro is definitely in need of a case re-design, which looks like a throwback from the Apple design in the 90’s. If your thinking of buying a Mac Pro, don’t! Updates could come in as little as a few weeks.

Mac Mini


The Mac Mini has a long product cycle, and was updated at the same time as the MacBook and iMac. Your safe in buying the Mac Mini tomorrow if you like.

Macbook Air


The Macbook Air October 20th, 2010 was updated along with the MBP in October of this year. It’s in a sort of gadget limbo. Lukewarm. If you want to update, update. If not don’t bother and get a Macbook or Macbook Pro when updated)