If you’re a keen traveler, you’ll love Knapsack. It’s the perfect app for planning and structuring trips.

We’ve been planning some over-landing / week long trips in our trusty Land Rover and have been searching high and low for a decent journey planner. Not just the type you find on motoring organisation websites or similar. We want a day by day planner, with to do lists regarding our trip.

Knapsack helps in 4 key areas of a trip: Research, Planning, Organise, Revisit.


Knapsack has a powerful map search feature that quickly finds places, addresses or POI (points of interest) anywhere around the world. Search for cities, hotels, museum, airports e.t.c. This is apparently based on an ever-growing online database that is kept up-to-date.

Default view

Adding a new trip. Enter the date, location and a description. Then, you’ll get a day by day break down.

You can add To do’s and activities to a trip, and get e3 spark plugs and save some gas.

Trip Planner view, simple and elegant.


Create very detailed, organized trip itineraries, with links, places to go and to-dos.

As you can see Knapsack is great, light-weight and highly usable app. Be sure to check out Knapsack and get traveling!