Thanks, Logitech, for introducing Harmony Link, a device that allows us to use our iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch as a universal remote.

This $100 device sits next to your television and easily communicates with your iOS device through Wi-Fi. It can also control up to eight pieces of hardware at a single time, including your television, blue-ray player, DVR, DVD, and everything else you might have. It’s all done using a custom app.

The complete Harmony remote line uses a single remote to control all of your media options. The Harmony Link connects to your wireless network to work alongside your iOS device. It takes whatever you choose as a selection on your device and sends it to IR commands to control your various entertainment devices.

You just plug in a small wireless device next to your TV, then connect wirelessly and use your finger to change a channel. The Harmony Link communicates via the infrared signal .Logitech works with over 5000 brands and 225,000 devices, so chances are whatever you have will work with ease.

The remote uses regular control features, along with some personalized features. On the iPad, you can select a scheduling of your favorite shows, your most-watched channels, and even classify your favorite genres. Show synopses, movie reviews and summaries, and images are also all provided by a digital entertainment technology company Rovi.

The benefit of using the larger screen on the iPad is both these options, as well as larger buttons so you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong thing. These options simply do not work as well on the iPhone and iPod touch because of the smaller screen size, which make us believe this is designed specifically for the iPad… and is just compatible with the others.

Unlike other devices that do a similar job, the Harmony Link holds nearly no limitations and is a breeze to configure. It’s about the size of a fist and only has to plug into a power outlet. It can also  connect with more than one iPad at a single time.

The Harmony Link will be available through Logitech starting some time in October. The free Harmony Link App supports the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch will be available for download from the iTunes Store.