A number one application to give to your Mac OS X is Quicksilver. Powerful and simple, this essential application lets you reach any file, folder, program and application in a couple of keystrokes. No searching, no hunting. Simple as that.

Once you open it, it develops a catalog of applications and your frequently used files and folders. It’s powerful search function allows Quicksilver to swiftly recognize the items you are looking for (from your previous searches).

The convenience of searching isn’t the only reason you’ll keep coming back to Quicksilver. It is integrated with all your other applications, allowing you to modify a document, send an email, manipulate an image, or call a friend. You can customize it to fit your needs, so if you need to run scripts, send a message, or start iTunes, you can with a few clicks.

Why is it better than your built-in Spotlight? Overtime, Quicksilver learns exactly what you want and use most often, so each time you use it, it occurs with less effort. Applications you use most frequently only require a few taps of the keys, soon of which become innate in your fingertips for even quicker access.

Check out this full-fledged video review to give it the justice it deserves.

And take a look at Quicksilver‘s website in detail and download it for free.

Image courtesy of mog.zanneth.com