Occasionally, a new product is released that makes you “Now why didn’t I think of that?”.

You know the sort of thing like the A-Team TV series or the internal combustion engine. The Mac Mount is another one of those products. Touted as a device designed to affix a select range of Apple products to the underside of a desk.Why would you want to do this? Well, it gets rid of any junk lying around on your desk for a start (not that your Mac Mini is junk). In turn, you also free up space on your work top for even more junk. Not forgetting that when using these in conjunction with cable management systems, you can create a completely cable-free workspace. Awesome.


  • Supports Mac Mini, AirPort Extreme, iPhone and G-Drive (as well as other products within weight and dimension guidelines)
  • Clean, simple design – made from clear plexiglass
  • Hand finished
  • Unique S-Shape design for strength
  • Easy to fit
  • 4 x Mac Mount Brackets
  • 4 x Fitting Screws
  • Instructions

The design’s simple, an s-shape piece of Plexiglas, with a counter sunk hole for use with the supplied screws. Simple ideas are the best.

The promo shots look stunning

We’ve managed to get hold of a set of mounts from Mac Mount and have to say they look good. They are easy to fit and we found they look amazing once in place. The clear plastic used is so crisp and clean – it just complements anything you decide to mount. The instructions do point out that Mac Mounts can be damaged if not handled with care while fitting. Never secure one Mount to your desk, and then place your device on it whilst mounting the other devices – the system works by spreading the load between the 4 (or more) points of contact. We highly recommend the Mac Mounts, these are an absolute must have for any office running Apple products – they make the underside of your desk look cooler than the top!

For more information, visit http://macmount.com or check out their Twitter account: @getmacmount