MacKeeper Review. Cleaning utility programs for the Mac are ok, but they each have their own flaws. Our favorite up and till now has always been CleanMyMac, but there is a new contender, and it is called Mac Keeper. Here is our hands on review.

Clean My Mac isn’t without it’s flaws but in our opinion it’s the most established Mac cleaner. However, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s punching way beyond it’s weight. Introducing MacKeeper for Mac OSX Lion.

It’s a little unfair. You see MacKeeper packs so much into it’s $39.95 package that all of it’s competitors should be quaking. In fact, if you had to purchase every separate application to achieve the functionality of  MacKeeper, you’d spend a whopping $318.

That’s because MacKeeper includes the following, all in one single application:

  • Duplicates Finder
  • Shredder
  • Anti-Theft service
  • Data Recovery
  • Back-up
  • System Cleaner
  • Hider
  • Disk Explorer
  • Uninstaller
  • Personal Support Service

Imagine if you had installed all the above separately. You’d have several task bar icons, a lot of hard drive space used up and pretty high system load. Plus, each application would have it’s own support service. Not so with MacKeeper, which has it’s very own, dedicated customer support – either via phone, email or live chat. Pretty impressive! MacKeeper is offered as a 1 year, single user license and as an all-in-one application. Let’s take a look at each element in turn.


The Cleaner section comprises of 6 cleaner types. These are:

  • Binary Cutter
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Duplicates Finder
  • Language Cutter
  • Log Cleaner
  • Old Files Finder

The Binary Cutter at work

Using the one-click scan prompts the program to sift through each of the above cleaners and cut down on junk across your system. The first scan we did saved a very large 14.7GB. Granted we have a 1TB drive but still 14.7 is a large chunk. That’s not forgetting we run regular sweeps with CleanMyMac as well as apps such as Squeeze that are designed to save space and boost performance.

The One-click scan in progress (before finally finding 14.7GB!)

Scanning takes around 5 -10 minutes but results are good. The old finder and duplicates cleaners require you to check and select files that can and can’t be deleted. Make sure you do this!

Overall, Cleaners under MacKeeper get a solid:

5 /5


Next up, back-up. MacKeeper back-up works well. It’s also a cynch to use, simply add a file to back-up, set a back-up destination (such as FTP or the upcoming ZeoDisk) and then hit Back-up Now. You can also select the frequency of back-up, from hourly to monthly.

Setting save frequency and then destination

Data Encryptor

The Data Encryptor has a a simple set password and you’re off set-up. Works well and we like this a lot!

Selecting files for encryption – with a choice of no encryption or AES-128 / AES-256.

Default Apps

Default Apps allows you to easily manage file extension associations all in one place. Much better than the clunky OSX manager.

Disk Usage

Disk Usage displays some of your biggest folders and files and allows you to manually remove them should you wish.

Login Items

Another user friendly format to manage items that start-up on boot up.


Shredder is like the Mac equivalent of your office paper shredder – once files have been passed through here, there’s no saving them! Great for deleting confidential files in a fool-proof manner.


Ever accidentally deleted a file you really, really needed? Undelete can recompile your trash folder byte by byte and restore the file. Very, very clever stuff indeed! Once you’ve scanned for old files, you just need to hit recover and select a destination!

The Undeleter is also category sortable!

Wise Uninstaller

Wise Uninstaller works somewhat like AppZapper in that you select an application, widget, preference pane and even plug-in and then hit uninstall. The resulting uninstall completely removes the application.

Anti-Theft Service

If you’re Mac is stolen, don’t worry!

Simply log on to the MacKeeper site and click on Anti-theft. You can then view details of your mac and it’s rough location, report it stolen / found and take snapshots of the thief in action!

I reported my Mac stolen as a test. I noticed around 10 minutes later, the iSight light discreetly lit up for a second. This was only noticeable as I was ready for it. A common thief would take no notice, but MacKeeper now has a picture of the thief in question – as well as tracking within a 30 mile radius.


We really can’t fault MacKeeper one dot! You see, for the amount of functionality and for the price AND for the sheer combining of a dozen apps into one single application we can only recommend MacKeeper. Well worth the investment if you want to keep your Mac speedy, secure and well maintained. Utility programs are finally easy to use thanks to MacKeeper. We thank our amazing iPhone Developers for helping to build our Apple Reviews iPhone App, soon to launch.