A week or so ago we reviewed MailPlane via the magic of Screen-casting. We’re back again with a written review, for those of you who like to read more so than watch. Thanks to MailPlane for supporting our review of MailPlane.

Download and Install

Installing Mailplane is very, very easy. All you need to do is hop on over to http://www.mailplaneapp.com, and hit the download button. You can try it free for 30 days, and it supports anything from 10.4.1 Tiger to Leopard.

Install will take around 15 seconds – its a very lightweight app. Allow another 20 seconds to insert your GMail account or other, and your off and running. Just like that.



The MailPlane interface. Imagine taking Gmail, and wrapping it in an awesome, yet unobtrusive wrapping. Throw in some extra features that are totally missing and needed, and you get MailPlane.


Perhaps one of my favourite features of MailPlane, the media browser. This feature allows quick and easy browsing of your photos, videos and audio files. However, this also allows for multiple file uploads at once! Why Gmail never had this I don’t know, but its a huge time-saver!


Other notable features of MailPlane include: Download Manager, integration with the Mac Address Book & Multi Account support & even integration with Omnifocus.


Multi-Account pop-out sidebar.


At $24.95 MailPlane is a bargain. You should seriously consider purchasing it. The development behind the app is great, its got great support and features that out-value the purchase price ten-fold. Grab it now while you can!