Each week, AppleReviews.com will feature our favourite news from around the web. This is the latest from the past week, ending May 29th.

Arnold Kim gives us the low down at MacRumors.com, with the info of the newest MacUpdate Bundle. The 2009 Spring version includes minimum 11 Mac applications for $49.99, and is over $500 in value. Among them are TechTool Pro 5, to optimize Mac performance and repair problems, Parallels Desktop 4 in order to run Windows simultaneously, MoneyWell, a cash managing system, and Posterino, for your creative needs. Bonus Apps are also available for the first 20,000 buyers. Read more here.

Kim also lets us know about MacBook’s sneaky upgrade. The 13” screen was upgraded in April, with richer blacks and better contrast. Check out the details.

Mike Schramm over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog tells us that Businessweek posted their top 50 most innovative companies of 2009, and Apple was listed as number one. See the whole article.

Schramm also tells us about NinjaBee’s Kaloki Adventure for iPhone, a unique strategy game. Check out his review, and then go visit their site for a free trial. For just $1.99, you get a smart, clever addition to your iPhone’s.

Schramm’s wealth of info doesn’t end there. He gives us the latest details from an AdMob survey; Apple has taken 59% of smartphone traffic on the Internet, and 43% of ‘net traffic. Read the full story here.

Chris Foresman at Ars Technica lets us know the latest from Apple. Their newest promo for the school year is their student and faculty offering of a free iPod with the purchase of a new Mac.They’ve also updated  the entry-level white MacBook. Read all about the great deal here.

Jeff Smykil at Ars Technica fills us in on the rumors about the next generation iPod nano. It will include a wider screen, smaller controls, and perhaps a camera. It’s due out in September. Check it out.

Jacqui Cheng at Ars Technica reviews Hulu Desktop, a client that allows users to browse their favourite television shows and movies on the desktop using a remote. The popular TV streaming site takes out the Web browser as a middle man, making your Mac media central. Read more.

Aidan Malley at the Apple Insider gives us details on the private demo of Microsoft’s touchscreen player. The Zune HD has an iPod-like touchscreen, with a quick response system. With loads of praise, it’s definitely going to provide some stiff competition for its Apple counterpart. See more here.

Prince McLean at the Apple Insider provides us with some Palm knowledge. Their stock spiked about 10% on rumors that the new Palm Pre might stay only with Sprint for six months. Availability would be with Verizon Wireless and AT&T in January 2010. See the full article.

Katie Marsal at the Apple Insider tells us that Steve Jobs, the Apple chief executive, sounded “healthy” and “energetic” while on the way back to returning to Apple. Read more.

Peter Cohen from Macworld lets us in on the demo available at Apple Stores for the new Sims. Electronic Arts’ newest version, The Sims 3, comes out early June, but you can go try it out in your local store. Read more.

For some, being in an Apple Store is like a kid in a Candy Store. It gets even better according to Slash Lane at the Apple Insider. Apple plans to remodel 40% of its stores, with new One-to_one services and larger Genius Bars and display tables. Read the full story.

Robert Palmer at The Unofficial Apple Weblog tells us that the recent workplace labor and safety violations at Wintek, an Apple supplier, are getting intense. Cut salaries, layoffs and overtime without pay are among the issues at hand. Legal action is threatened. Read the full story here.