Have an iPhone 3G/S and a 3G iPad? Likely you’ll have purchased the iPad micro-sim and a separate sim card also on contract and this is costing you

unnecessary extra charges per month.

There is a solution though, to reduce your running costs by utilizing just one card from your iPad. This is all done by using a micro-sim adapter from buymicrosimadapter.com. You could also use this adapter to use your iPhone 4 SIM card in your iPhone 3G/S.

microsim 550x430 Micro SIM Adapter Review

The adapters are made of high quality, durable plastic, manufactured exclusively in Germany. The quality is very good – these don’t feel overly cheap. How’s it work? Well the contact patches on the Micro SIM and the regular SIM are the same size – so by inserting your micro-sim into this it becomes the same size and shape as a regular sim – and works exactly as any regular sim would. Your iPhone should see a standard SIM and work as normal. CNET recommend the Sim Adapter is used by iPhone 4 owners who occasionally need to use another handset, but still keep the same number – again possible thanks to this brilliant little product. It’s a great idea, carried out well and you can find out more information from BuyMicroSimAdapter.com. The Micro-Sim Adapter retails for ‚ā¨4.95 each.