Macs exude quality. And quality often comes at a price. Even a mac keyboard can cost $70.

Spending all that money on a piece of precision machined aluminum makes you want to keep it clean and grunge free. However, whilst the iMac wireless keyboards are pretty easy to clean, if you get dirt in a MacBook Pro keyboard it’s a lot tougher to get it out. Even the desktop keyboards are prone to collecting dust and debris and popping keys off a Mac keyboard isn’t really an option.

What you need is a durable, protective cover for your keyboard. Fortunately for Mac fans, Moshi have produced a silicon cover that fits the bill.

The Moshi ClearGuard is made from non-toxic, engineering-grade thermoplastic urethane. Basically, that means it’s very thin, fits the keyboard like a glove and offers great tactile response.


  • High precision molding allows for unparalleled tactile response.
  • Made with durable, non-toxic engineering-grade thermoplastic urethane.
  • Completely washable and reusable.
  • Measures 0.1mm thin (one-fifth the thickness of silicone protectors).
  • High transparency film allows back lit keys to shine through.


The ClearGuard

We decided to try out our ClearGuard on an black MacBook we have knocking around. The Moshi fits this style keyboard, which remains unchained in the new MacBook / Macbook Pro unibody range.

We slipped the cover over the keys and that’s it! The membrane has a small, 5 mm margin around the key edge to protect the recess that the keyboard is placed in. That means you get an almost seal around your keyboard. Great for what we are about to do next…. introducing our MacBook (which we love very much) to water.

Water meets the MacBook – and the two get along thanks to Moshi ClearGuard

So, we got a straw, and dropped some water on there. And then some more. And some more. Because the Moshi is made of a waterproof silicon, not one drop can get through this thing! Great if you spill your Starbucks over your machine (though you could still get liquid ingression through your power button, speaker holes and air vent – and possibly under the edge of the Moshi) so whatever you do don’t make a habit of pouring drinks on your machine and remove them quickly if you do.

That said the Moshi offers up a protection you cannot live without – because it also prevents dirt, muck and various other bits of particles (toast and biscuits) from getting under (and jamming) your keyboard.

Once in place, the membrane sticks to your keyboard, and should hold in place by itself. The moulding is highly accurate, and the cover sits on your keyboard without any amount of movement under the finger. It’s also very subtle, giving a very slight opaque sheen to your keyboard – other than that (and the Moshi logo on the space bar) the ClearGuard is basically invisible.

For those of you with a new MBP – the back lit keyboard also shines through very well – the ClearGuard is basically a see-through film.

The CLearGuard also fits the new wireless blue-tooth keyboard Apple released – with a little over hang, as we’ve shown in the included review photos.

Keyboards get a real heavy dose of abuse – and that means so will the ClearGuard. Fortunately, Moshi have used a material that is completely washable. Just place the ClearGuard under a tap, rinse of visible dirt (even use a mild dish washing soap if you wish) and then leave to air-dry or dab with a micro-fibre cloth. Clever!

Drying the ClearGuard

Typing on the ClearGuard is easy – though the cover does add a little noticeable ‘resistance’ to key strokes. This takes a little getting used to, but is in no way a bad thing.

The ClearGuard will work with all of the following Apple notebooks:

  • unibody MBP 17″
  • unibody MBP 15″
  • unibody MBP 13″
  • MacBook 13″ (used in our test)


All in all then, a great product that will prolong the life of your keyboards and notebooks – and could even save you from footing an expensive ‘wash-the-latte-from-your-keyboard’ bill from Apple.

The ClearGuard is available in US and EU layout (as we tested) for only $25 – which is excellent value for a great quality item like the ClearGuard.

To purchase the ClearGuard, visit Moshi’s website: