Many Apple security experts are now recommending OSX users to at least install some form of Anti-virus / Mal ware program on their Mac.

Netbarrier X5 is an application that will help you protect your mac for the future. Today we are reviewing this anti-virus and malware program.

What exactly does Netbarrier do?

Intego NetBarrier X5 is the Internet security solution for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X. It offers thorough protection against intrusions coming across the Internet or a local network.

It does this by “constantly filtering all the activity” that enters and leaves your console via the Internet. The application aims to protect your Mac from hackers, intruders and thieves – and it will do this by alerting you as to any suspicious activity.


Security HQ of Netbarrier.


  • Updated user interface
  • Configurations can be set for specific network settings or locations
  • Simple and advanced firewall modes
  • Multiple customized firewall modes can be defined
  • Networks can be defined by MAC address
  • Updated list of TCP/UDP Ports
  • New advanced options for intrusion protection
  • Ability to quickly add name, phone number, and e-mail address to the data filter
  • Improved ad banner filtering
  • Ability to store logs in the Apple system log facility
  • New helper application to clean or securely clean Internet files: cookies, caches, history and download history
  • Controls incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic and data
  • Offers preset or customizable security rules
  • Protects against spyware and Trojan horses
  • Protects against all kinds of intrusions
  • Protects against network attacks
  • Protects against ping floods, port scans, and more
  • Offers a choice of defense policies
  • Offers individual cookie control
  • Blocks ad banners
  • Safeguards personal information
  • Hides browser and platform information
  • Shows network activity with 12 control monitors
  • Individualized security policies for antivandal attacks
  • Detects available AirPort and WiFi networks
  • Intego Widgets, including a Traffic Monitor Widget
  • User manual accessible from the Help menu
  • Updates via NetUpdate

Setting up Netbarrier is a breeze. Install took all of 2 minutes, with a restart and configuration around 5 minutes. The software does a particularly good job of explaining long, convoluted terms with simple terminology and diagrams, such as this one for enabling Local vs Client restrictions.


Simple diagrams mean even those who are ‘technically-challenged’ can make their way round the app


Enabling Trojan Horse Protection. Why on earth would you call your Trojan ‘Portal of Doom’ ? 😀


Protecting ones-self against Spy ware. Upon enabling, Spy ware protection worked straight away. Check out this warning…


The warning was accompanied by a comical alarm sound. You’ll never miss that!

More configuration options

Netbarrier in itself is a hugely impressive program, with tracing and traffic monitoring built in. Included with it however is an additional app, “Washing Machine”.

Washing Machine

As if Netbarrier wasn’t enough, Washing Machine really adds to the whole suite.

Washing Machine further protects your privacy by helping you delete information about your Internet habits

It’s a nice little app that allows you to manage your Bookmarks, Browsing Histories, Caches, Cookies and Download Histories, across browsers. The clean function allows you to wipe clean browsing histories or Caches. I tried the cache sweep up, and it removed 60mb of cache files. I have no doubt this will improve performance.

Washing Machine even has a scheduler, for automatic cleaning! Handy!


Washing Machine, an awesome addition!


Netbarrier and Washing Machine are great plunge into the world of Mac Anti-Virus software. The combo is reasonably priced, incredibly easy to use and useful. Highly recommended!

Netbarrier is available from Intego:

Stay tuned, because next week we have 10 copies up for grabs!