Some new exciting Apple tech has been released today, courtesy of the Apple ‘Special Event’ over in the Yerba Buena Center. Quite apart from the new gadgets showcased, the fact Apple chose to live stream the event was a real coup and added a whole extra level of buzz to the proceedings. Here’s a run-down of the new line-up.

iPod Touch

The September event is becoming quite an annual occurrence. Typically held at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, the event usually sees new iPod models and today was no exception.

The iPod Touch has been brought into line with the iPhone 4, inheriting it’s A4 processor, retina display technology, HD Video camera and FaceTime. The screen now boasts an impressive 960-by-640 resolution (at 326PPI) and is sure to make the Touch the best portable media viewing devices on the market. Video recording again appears to borrow from it’s more expensive cousin, offering H.264 video at up to 720p, with 30 frames per second. The gyro we saw incorporated into the iPhone 4 for the first time makes its way into the iPod Touch too. The design has been tweaked and refined and overall the iPod Touch looks amazing! One to look out for and will make a perfect gift come Christmas or graduation time.

iPod Nano

A major surprise on the Nano front, because now, it really is Nano. Visually, it looks about half the size of the previous generation and now has a multi-touch screen for viewing your music and video. The design appears to be based on the Shuffle, with a built-in clip placed on the rear side for attaching to clothing. The new design sees strong influences from the 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle Interestingly, the previews seem to suggest the Nano is now running a heavily-stripped down version of iOs4 – or at least it has been designed to look that way. As usual, you can grab the Nano in a variety of colors but no longer has it’s own camera.

iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle design has gone back to that of the 2nd Generation model, albeit with some minor alterations, such as a more rounded clip on the rear.

Apple TV

This is probably the biggest update. The TV is 80% smaller than previous models and finished in classy and striking gloss black. The TV is now so small, it will fit in the average hand or cramped media cupboard. The TV also boasts a built-in power supply, so long gone is that brick on your power cable. The TV is now running the powerful A4 processor chip and has an inbuilt 802.11n WiFi as well as a HDMI port, supporting upto 720P. You can now control the Apple TV with an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, which will make for easier channel switching. The TV is now all about renting (purchasing media appears to be no longer available) and items can be synced from Flickr, YouTube, NetFlix, MobileMe and even an iPad.


A new version of iTunes and a new logo. The new logo certainly looks a lot snazzier and the accompanying features don’t dissapoint. iTunes has been integrated with ‘Ping’, a sort of hybrid of Twitter and FaceBook that allows artists to post new content on their Artist Profile page. It also allows you to follow other users and see what they are downloading, with the option to download the same content, aswell more Twitter like features such as posting text and images. It’s even built into the iPhone interface. Sounds neat.