Intel are planning to launch 4, all new, 32mm dual-core ‘Arrandale’ CPUs. Labeled the Core i5-520M, Core i5-430M, Core i3-350M and Core i3-330M, the new CPUs are said to be set for release in the first half January. These CPUs are said to be aimed at notebooks.

Speeds are said to be 2.26GHz (which will be ‘boosted’ to 2.53), as well as 2 models that will not offer this additional boost, and will run at 2.13ghz and 2.26ghz respectively.

Core i5 CPUs will feature a graphics clock that runs at a base speed of 500MHz but can also run at speeds up to 766MHz. The Core i3 also runs at 500MHz but can also run at speeds up to 667MHz. Both series support DDR3 memory up to 1066MHz and feature 3MB L3 Cache with a TDP of 35W.

The Arrandales are based on the Nehalem architecture first seen in Macs this year. The CPUs are aimed at the mainstream, but it is expected that we could See lower-voltage varieties in the Macbook Pro and slender Mac Air. Significant performance upgrades are expected over current Mac CPUs.

The MBP line was last tweaked in June this year. Prices we’re lowered, and we saw a new 13″ model. The CPU speeds increased across the board, and most of the MBP’s included 4GB RAM by default. Potentially, we could see a slightly tweaked case too, modeled to look more like the soft, lozenge like Macbook uni-body.

Source: DigiTimes