The Apple store went down today. And when it came back, there was a tasty looking all new Mac Mini, and iPhone 4 pre-ordering.

Let’s take a look at the gaggle of all new shiny Apple products

Mac Mini

Apple unveiled an all new, gorgeous Mac Mini. The new Mini has a slimmer chassis, with a fantastic looking, all-one outer aluminum shell. . On the underside, a small panel makes replacing and upgrading memory possible for a humble user. The rear side has a matte black plastic segment – housing all the necessary ports and connections. Crucially, there are two new features – a HDMI port and an SD card slot. Great news! There’s even an internal power supply, meaning the Mac Mini simply has one cable (without the big white block attached). That’s sure to finish off any minimalist desk.

The specs are a little less jaw-dropping. The mini now comes with either a 2.4 or 2.66 Ghz Core 2 Duo. By default, you’ll receive 2GB of DDR3 Ram. The GPU has had a little boost, Apple even claims the included nVidia 320M (256mb shared memory) is twice as fast as the previous 9400M. The included hard drive is a purposeful 320GB, though Apple do offer a premium upgrade to a 500GB.

All-in-all a modest but nice upgrade (with some suggesting perhaps the Mini would be dropped).

The 2.4 config mini is sold for $699. The Snow Leopard Server model carries a $999 price tag.

iPhone 4 Pre-order

The iPhone 4 has gone on pre-order around the world today. That means that full pricing of the devices has been released. The iPhone 4 is offered on a upgrade early basis in the US, with AT &T offering customers with contracts expiring before the end of 2010 the same deal as new customers, that is a 16GB iPhone 4 for $299 or the 32GB model or $100 more. The Apple site actually crashed shortly after the pre-orders went live, such was the demand. However, before you rush off to buy a white iPhone stop! The iPhone 4 in white appears to be unavailable on the UK Apple site, with Apple possibly giving priority to the more popular black version.