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Two-step authentication: the basics

Though there are plenty of third party password managers to help you generate random passwords or keep your passwords safe, the newer (and growing) best defence against password hackers is two-step authentications (also called two-factor authentication). With this, you still use your username and password to log in, but you also need that second step: […]

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5 Mac tricks you need to know

There are plenty of tips and tricks for keeping us savvy with our MacBooks and iMacs, but there are also some easy elements that can help us do more of what we need and want with ease. We’ve uncovered five lesser known tricks for our Mac that’ll make you wish you knew them all along. […]

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News on the upcoming WWDC 2013

So who else is looking forward to the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference? Apple will be holding its annual WWDC from June 10th through June 14th in San Francisco, California at Moscone West. The five-day conference will be featuring over one hundred tech-based sessions, and be home to over a thousand Apple engineers ready to […]

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5 new iPad apps we love

With the new iPad mini a hot commodity, we mustn’t forget about all of the amazing app developers hot on its tail, producing fantastic apps that highlight the mini’s features.

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Ladybird App

iPhone 5: you know you want it

Apple has done it again. And, yes, I’m sure we’ve said that before. But what’s with them constantly taunting us with the newest and best?  Those upgrades, the amazing features… yeah, regardless if we have an iPhone 4s, that 5 sure looks great. And here’s why.

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