OmniGrafflePro is an advanced diagramming and design tool. OGP is a serious piece of kit, for any mac user from designer to architect.

Everyone will find this program useful in some form.

Built within the app are sections for:

  • Drawing
  • Brainstorming
  • Organizational Charts
  • Space Planning


Pre-defined templates



OGP is provided with pre-installed maps, furniture and all kinds of fun web design stencils. However, there are free (and some paid) 3rd party stencils available.


This stencil by Koingi is available for free, and allows you to quickly begin developing wire frames with OGP.


Or even an iPhone UI kit:



Brainstorming / Navigation planning works great with OGP! The interface includes a slick, subtle animation effect when adding elements to charts.

Space Planning


A bizarre room design, but this diagram demonstrates the space planning feature, along with extensive furniture and appliance objects.

From the range of available stencils, I can see OGP is highly flexible but produces some impressive (and quick) results every time.


This application is absolutely phenomenal! Highly recommended for anyone who ever needs to create Charts, Wireframes and Diagrams of any sort. The add-ons available are great, opening up the app to even UI designers. Creating diagrams is super quick. Everything about the app is perfect. My only slight concern is using it on a 13″ screen over the 44inch desktop set-up we have felt a little cramped. Nothing major. Most programs do….

To sum-up, if your after a highly professional, affordable and easy to use Diagram and Interface Editing power-house OmniGraffle Pro is for you! This app could have been completely bloated, like a 200foot blue whale been carted around by a Donkey. But the finished product is elegant and unbelievably easy to work with. Well done to the dev and interface teams!

The Pro license is avaialble for $199.99 here, The Standard version is available for $99 but lacks features such as Visio Export and presentation mode.