In case you haven’t heard, Mountain Lion is pretty amazing. The streamlined download is the lastest operating system from Apple and, not surprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint.

Here are our top favourite new features from the operating system… which is just a sampling of the over two hundred that it has to offer. Whether you’re eligible for a free upgrade or score it just for $20, it’s worth the download.

Simple renaming

To rename a document without leaving the app, just click on the filename in the title bar. Then, do to the document menu and choose Rename.

Share with ease

Many of the Mountain Lion apps have a built-in Share button, simply give it a click and it will show you all of the options in a menu of the services that you can share with for the application you are using. For the most part, they can all be shared with Mail, Messages, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and Flickr.

Calendar new date picker

If you need to change the date of an event, Calendar offers a mini calendar for all of the events — simply click on the new date and it will easily change the date.  Event notifications

Dictation for the masses

OS supports Dictation, so you can use your voice instead of typing. Select a text field, turn Dictation on (Function twice), then click Done when you’re done. It works with apps, contacts, and is easy to use. It works with contacts to be able to spell names accurately, right out of the box.

Works with Contacts

Just say your friend’s name, and Dictation knows who you mean. It works with information in the Contacts app to recognize and spell names accurately, even if they have unusual spellings.

Easy encryption

Encrypt a drive from the Finder with ease–just  select the drive and choose Encrypt from the contextual menu.

Game Center app

Addicted to Game Center on your iPad? The new Game Center app in Mountain Lion lets you set up and personalize your gaming experience just like on your device. Use your Apple ID to create a Game Center account or log in with your existing account, then get playing!

iCloud simplicity

For iCloud, just sign in once with your Apple ID to set up Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, FaceTime, Game Center, Safari, Reminders, iTunes, the Mac App Store, and Notes. Then check your iOS devices and smile at the awesomeness. It is super simple to set up, has built in-sharing, and you can organize documents easily.

Launchpad search

Launchpad in Mountain Lion includes a search field that makes it super easy to find apps. Designed just like an iPad or iPhone interface, it’s helpful for users going between all of the devices.

VIP contacts

Do you email some people more than others? Note the people who are most important  by clicking to make them VIPs. Just click the star next to a name at the top of the message from them. You can also view all of their messages from the VIP smart mailbox in the favourites bar.


iMessage is an online chat client; you can send messages to anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 5 or later, or, similarly, a Mac with Mountain Lion.

Notification Center

If you miss a banner or want to see all your notifications, you can find them in Notification Center. Notification Center lets you see all of your, well, notifications. It gives you the details on anything you’ve received from Messages, Calendar, Mail, Reminders, and third-party apps.An icon in the menu bar lets you know when you have new notifications.

Power Nap stays up-to-date

While your Mac takes a snooze, your applications stay up to date. All your notifications and apps, such as Mail, Notes, Reminders, and iMessages, are there for you when you wake it up.


Gatekeeper is a tool that gives you three security options for downloading and installing apps for your Mac. To provide the best and maximum security, choose to allow only apps from the Mac App Store to be installed.

Make it full screen on any display

If you (are lucky enough to) have a secondary display connected to your Mac, you can take an app full screen on either display. Simply drag the window to whichever display you prefer it to be seen in full-screen on, and click the full-screen button.

Encrypted backup

Mountain Lion includes the option to create encrypted backups if you are using Time Capsule. You can also backup to multiple locations with an easy switch between them, both at work, at home, and everywhere and anywhere else.