Back pain, stiff shoulders and tight hamstrings are common for those who spend the day at their desk. But as the clock ticks by, we hardly think about our bodies while dealing with business and daily duties.

Luckily, MacBreakZ will remind us. With a Personal Ergonomic Assistant, it monitors keyboard and mouse use to find out how you’re using your computer.

It sounds invasive, but it’s not – it just tracks the actual keyboard and mouse use and time spent in front of the screen (it doesn’t record exactly what you’re doing), and then gives you instant feedback, through suggestions of rest and breaks at appropriate intervals.

But don’t picture an alarm sounding off on your MacBook; small alerts, letting you know that break time is near (or has arrived) simply provide you with whats to come without making you lose your train of thought or telling the whole workplace. It also gives you a little time to prep, telling you that the break will begin 10 seconds after you stop tooling around on your computer.

There are forty-two, fully illustrated integrated stretches designed to help limber your body and improve your posture. For example, after extensive mouse use, it gives you ideas for stretches to decrease wrist pain that could eventually evolve to issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or tendonitis.

We like the additional “stealth” mode, which instead provides the user an obscure menu bar item so the rest of your office isn’t aware of your sneaky route to better health. You can easily switch it off, so in the middle of the presentation, it doesn’t give you untimely feedback.

In addition to the stretches, MacBreakZ gives dozens of tips to help you get through your day. After giving it a try risk-free, you might also want to download StretchZ for iPhone/iPod touch, for the same handy tips on-the-go.

Download the demo at the Apple Store.