Phonak have been designing and producing state-of-the-art hearing systems and devices for over 60 years.

Recently, they’ve put their vast array of experience into developing a new line of headphones – the Audeo range. The headphone’s we have on review today are from this exact range and the product is very, very exciting.


  • Phonak Audéo PFE 122 Perfect Fit In-Ear Monitor Headphones
  • Replaceable Audio Filter for Individual Sound Configuration
  • Silicone Ear Guides for Better Fit Reduces Cable Noises
  • One of the Lightest Earphones on the Market
  • Extensive Accessories such as Carrying Case & Cleaning Tool
  • Built in Microphone for Mobile Phone Usage

The Audeo has been designed specifically for use with the iPhone, iPod and generic MP3 players. The small block on the headphone cord acts as a universal controller for these devices, allowing for pausing and playing of a track, as well as skipping, fast forwarding e.t.c. The in-built microphone is very clear and for such a compact size offers functional, clear phone calls. The Audeo’s really excel in their quality however, both the sound, fit and build. Despite been lightweight, the headphones still feel very ‘high-end’. The box also includes several alternative ear-tips, to suit a wide range of ears. It’s good to see a company take such an approach, as the standard ear-tips we’re really quite big for our own ears – one quick change later and these are the most comfortable headphones we’ve ever used. Period. To properly test the headphones, we took them on the ultimate test – a run.

The headphones performed excellently. We often found our standard iPhone earphones would simply drop out, usually from holding onto the control block when changing music tracks. This becomes very annoying. The Audeos remained in place, thanks in part to the ‘over-ear’ rubber guides that simply push onto the wire. The headphone slides directly into the ear and creates a sound canceling barrier – even next to a busy road we could no longer hear the traffic riding past. To sum up then, these are extremely comfortable headphones. You can really see how Phonak’s experience from crafting everyday, functional hearing systems has made these headphones very special. In terms of comfort the headphones are faultless, which is great, because they do away with that horrible ache you get from many earphones that are too large, hard e.t.c after extended use.

Sound Quality

Again, the Audeo’s excel here too! Sound quality is very good. That’s helped in part due to the perfect fit, there’s no external sounds or noises. Songs sound a lot clearer and more involving. Bass is very good and the overall sound is crystal clear. You’ll probably find yourselves turning down your volume as opposed to your normal level, which can only do your ear good. The Audeos make listening to your favorite music a whole lot more enjoyable.


A fantastic set of headphones, well suited to day-to-day use, whether that be running a half-marathon, or relaxing by the fire listening to an audio book. Sound quality is excellent and comfort is second to none. Seamless integration with the iPhone and iPod line makes these headphones the perfect match for even the fussiest sound boffins. You’ll love them!

Audeo headphones are available in the UK via:

It’s refreshing to see a simple, elegantly designed earphone for a change.

The eartip’s offer the best comfort and sound qualities.

The rubber channel seen here guides the wire beyond your ear and also helps hold the earphones snugly in place.

In-ear shot, these ear phones are quite discreet.

The microphone and control ‘block’. The microphone sounds good and the single control button works well.