The QDOS Jet Set is a unique case on offer from QDOS Sound with a built-in stylus and holder. What will we think of the Jet Set?


First, let’s take a look at the features of the case

  • Unique dock-able rigid case with pre-formed holder for stylus and removable base for instant charging & syncing
  • Scratch resistant matte black rubber oil finish provides stylish all-round protection from shocks, scuffs and dust
  • Cut-outs to the rear for logo and camera
  • Easy access to all controls and jacks
  • Black stylus for iPhone 3G enables precision selection of on-screen items
  • Twist-off top includes an embedded SIM eject tool
  • Mini cleaning pad included

As you can see the Jet Set has some pretty unique elements within the iPhone case field. You’ve got a built in stylus holder and attached cleaning pad for a start, and these are pretty useful. In order to house the stylus, the case has an extra thick protrusion on the right hand side of your iPhone. This gives the case a pretty unique look. The cleaning pad is attached to the top of the stylus with a thin loop of lanyard type cord – but this proves to get pretty annoying dangling about and was swiftly removes from our review sample. That said, the supplied cleaning pad works wonders on the iPhone display, removing greasy finger prints and dust with a few wipes.

The case is finished in a scratch resistant black rubber coating. This works very well (it took the blade of a surgical type scalpel knife to create any scratches) and normal day use will not see this case going dull from severe scratching. The Jet Set fits the iPhone very well, snugly following the iPhones form and leaving the dock, audio jack, volume rocker and silence switch all easily accessible. In the hand, the Jet Set feels comfortable, even with the extra width accounting for the stylus. The plastic used is very robust and should take some pretty heavy knocks and snags.

Unlike some of the other cases we’ve tried, the Jet Set is ideal for removing and re-fitting very quickly. The latch mechanism on the back is beefy and works well if you ever need to remove the case and pop your iPhone into a TomTom stand for example. There are 2 cut-outs on the back, one to reveal the camera and another to proudly show off the original chrome Apple logo.

The Jet Set looks neat and fits the iPhone well.

The stylus slots into it’s holding place fairly snugly, without falling out, so you should never lose it. Actually using the stylus on the phone does take a little while to get used to as it must be held perfectly perpendicular so as to meet the rubberised nib with the iPhone’s multi-touch display. The end of the stylus is removable and has a ‘secret’ attached sim ejector. Practically, once you get used to holding the stylus, you can type a lot more accurately with the stylus than on the standard iPhone keyboard.

Fitting the Jet Set..

Internally, the rear of the case is fitted with a foam, which should help secure the iPhone in place and absorb any energy from hard knocks or vibrations.

The included stylus works well, once you’ve gotten used to it.

All in all then, this is a robust, good looking case. It’s available for £29.99 from Of particular note is the cases’ resistance to scratching. Check this out if you prefer using a stylus at any time and need a convenient place to store it.