On review today, we have the Razer Orochi mobile gaming mouse -designed for notebooks and portable gaming.


The mouse is a little smaller than a regular mouse, and has “a gaming-grade laser sensor” (capable of supporting up to 2000DPI) which gives the mouse great response times (8ms)and accuracy. The Razer Orochi makes use of Bluetooth technology to allow for portable gaming over your laptop, or a wired option for when you want to game at your desk. When wired up through the 3ft USB cable, you can expect upto 4000DPI resolution and 1ms response time. Yikes!


• Razer Precision™ 3G Laser sensor
• Tracking up to 100 inches per second
• Ambidextrous design
• Razer Synapse™ On-board Memory*
• On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ adjustment*
• Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon® feet
• Gold-plated USB connector
• Powered by 2 AA batteries
• Approx. size in mm: 99(L) x 67.8(W) x 35(H)
*Not applicable on Mac OS



The mouse has a very interesting ergonomic design, with a 2 prong split at the front allowing a large scroll-wheel to sit in the space created – the scroll wheel lights up which is pretty handy in the dark, but can also be turned off. The Orochi is light, which makes it perfect when you need to pan top right in a split second to shoot your enemy. The case is coated in a pleasant feeling smooth, satin feel plastic and moulded into something that resembles a snakes tongue. The mouse itself is very well made, but also comfortable which makes a change from other mice on the market, notably even the Mighty Mouse has flaws here.

The underside glides along surfaces with little sticky points, giving a smooth experience, you won’t ever miss a shot again because your mouse lept off the mouse mat.

Support wise the mouse is very versatile. You can hook up to XP, Vista, 7 or Mac 10.4+, meaning gamers and power users world-wide can get some of the Razer pie. It’s nice they didn’t forgo the mac community too, with specific Mac drivers a huge bonus. You’ll need an Internet connection to download drivers though.


This mouse is a comfy and worthy addition to any notebook or desktop gaming set-up. It’s a good all-round mouse, and is available for $79.99 from Razer direct: http://www.razerzone.com/razer-orochi