Kindle – a convenient, portable reading device that can  wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers – has recently teamed with Apple to develop a Kindle for iPhone book-reader.

This gives iPhone and the iPod Touch owners access to the thousands of titles available to Kindle users.

With the Kindle App, you do have to sign up with Amazon and register for the service – but more than likely, you’re already connected to from buying goods from their (well-priced) online store.

Once registered, you can download books straight to your iPhone. Saving you extra-costs of the hardcopies, Amazon offers a handful of free books, with popular titles starting at $9.99 – about half the price of the bookstore. You can download a load of them and store them for later – perfect if you’re planning a trip and want plenty of reading material to choose from.

One qualm is that currently, iPhone doesn’t support magazine and newspaper content like Kindle does – although that’s not to say it isn’t soon on its way.

Once downloaded, reading is a breeze. Sure, your Mac device is  quite small (comparably to Kindle) – but the font can be adjusted to five different sizes. Turning the page is as easy as swiping your finger across the screen; something you’re undoubtedly used to on your device.

For iPhone users who aren’t keen on shelling out the cash for a Kindle, this free App from Amazon is a great alternative.

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