The Ricoh CX3 camera is a truly classy piece of kit. It delivers in every field – design, form factor, functionality, usability  and we happen to like it very much.

As with any new camera, the best way to get to know it is check out the spec sheet – the CX3 doesn’t disappoint, packing a large, 10MP sensor with 10.7X optical wide-angle zoom. This equates to up to 300MM telephoto coverage, from a handheld, something that will appeal to many amateur photographers or spies. It’s great been able to pack this amount of zoom and adaptability into your pocket when out and about. The CX3 is essentially the epitome of a good handheld, been light, pocket-sized and robust.

The quality of the CX3 materials is way above average too, Ricoh have used brushed aluminum and a mottled plastic shell to give the camera a very retro, rugged and elegant design. We like it a lot. The flash looks awesome too, it reminds us of an old handheld, winding film camera. Excellent! The camera lens auto-folds away when turning off the camera and vice-versa, helping protect the lens mechanism and make storing the camera away much more conventional, so don’t worry about having to put it somewhere special. This camera folds up and drops into your pocket like any other.

The controls look good and are positioned logically, which is nice to see. We’re fed up of having to muddle our way through awkward controls – the interface goes a long way to helping with this. The large 3″ LCD on the rear has all basic but vital photographic details positioned round the edge. The info is there for those that need it, but well out of the way for those that don’t. This screen is used to playback videos & photos as well as when composing new ones. It accurately replicates shots and features a handy spirit level for aligning shots perfectly.

Scroll down for Sample images and conclusion.


  • Back-illuminated 10-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 10.7x optical wide-angle zoom lens; 28mm wide-angle to 300mm telephoto coverage
  • Shoot 1280 x 720 HD movies; 3.0-inch 920,000-dot VGA LCD monitor
  • Enjoy quick and easy photography with Scene Auto Mode
  • Capture images and video to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Sample Images

As you can see the camera looks excellent. But a camera needs to take brilliant pictures too. So, how do the pics look? Here’s some sample pics from a recent AppleReviews outing – we’ve made no alterations to the images other than to re-size them.

Colors look good, very striking, there’s little washout even without editing. The camera performs well in low-light conditions too. Noise is occasionally noticeable, but it would be with even a high-end DSLR due to ISO settings. All in all, this is a very impressive little camera and we highly recommend it!

Ricoh’s site has lot’s of information about where to buy, as well as a more-in depth look into the camera’s features.