The new iOS 6 gets some high points from us, with a few improvements that keep Apple ahead of the pack. Here are our six favourites and why we love them:


You’ve likely already been using the Facebook app, but we’re all likely on the same page to say that it is less than stellar. Now users can use the Facebook app to interact with ease and all the tools are available right within it. You can share a photo to Facebook from the Camera or iPhotos, use Maps to post your location, connect with the Game Center, and even integrate Siri into helping you out. Facebook events can also integrate with your calendar, making your memory that much sharper, and contacts automatically stay up to date.


Even the phone system has seen an awesome improvement. For those who must decline an incoming call (whether you’re too busy or, you know, screening calls), you can instantly reply with a text message or set yourself a callback reminder. You can also use the Do Not Disturb function and you won’t be called by anyone except for the contacts that you note can get through. That that is call screening at its finest.


Though the iPhone already boasts a darn great camera, the new panorama feature makes it that much better. This lets you capture everything you want with a sweet of the phone. A single motion can shoot up to a total of 240 degrees, whether horizontally or vertically, and it creates one seamless, high-resolution photograph. The tricky part is keeping your arm steady — it alerts you to keep the arrow on the middle line as you sweet the photo, so those with a shaky arm might want to pass off the camera to someone with a little more finesse.


After poor reviews about the previous Maps that Apple doled out, they’re back at it with something better. They’re rebuilt maps into a way that they are now vector based, with detailed graphics and text, and smooth panning to keep everything in line. The app moves with you, so you can tilt and rotate and find what you need, easily seeing all the names of the streets and places that you are looking for. Users can get both spoken and visual navigation details, along with real-like traffic updates. For those driving and using it as a GPS, they will appreciate the clear, well-spoken turn-by-turn directions that you can follow along (keeping your eyes on the road, of course) with 3D views.


Siri lovers will adore the improvements with iOS6, where she does a lot more than, well, just tell you what to do. She now understands more languages and more countries, and still knows the answers to everything. Going to dinner? She can tell you the best restaurants in town. Have a question about something on the news? She likely can hunt that down, too. Laying in bed and want her to post on Facebook for you that you’ve the flu? Don’t worry, Siri can let your friends know to hop on over with some chicken soup.

Find My Friends

Though Find My Friends is a convenient way to share locations with your family and friends, it is even better for families who need to stay in touch for emergency reasons. Users who share their locations with you appear on a map so you can quickly see where they are and what they’re up to. Kids going out that night? Find My Friends can tell you where they are and at what time, making it easy to pick them up if they had some car trouble or if they might be stretching the truth on their whereabouts. Parents will also appreciate the location-based alerts, such as if they arrive home from school and you’re still at work. We also dig this for our friends who run in races… you can follow their marathon status as they head to the finish.