Digg, Facebook, Flickr, RSS feeds, Google Reader, Twitter. 6 random services, all completely separate and annoyingly so.

We hate logging into Digg, then logging into Twitter and then Facebook and slowly clogging up Firefox with 1500 tabs. If only there was an app that could handle all these in one! Oh… there is. And it’s called Socialite.

To be truly awesome however, this app is really up against the odds. It must have the perfect interface, it must be so simple and very easy to use.

Doe’s Socialite meet the requirements? Let’s see


Upon installing Socialite, you will notice the super clean interface. It works very well.

The app screen consists basically of a sidebar, an add / edit accounts button and the right window pane which displays new tweets / diggs e.t.c

This set-up is rather like reading your emails.


The icon auto updates to add new tweets. 688? Better get reading…

Adding a new account



The Interface


The interface looks very good. It’s simple and effective.  The sidebar displays the number of tweets in this case.


The only minor element we think would benefit from some tweaking. The re-tweet and DM section looks a tad messy.


Sending a tweet is delightfully simple and functional.


Your own messages are color slightly different to highlight them.



In conclusion, Socailite is a brilliant app. The Digg & Flickr sides meet up to the quality of the twitter client. The app is the only option if you want to manage your social activities in one place.

Socialite is available for $20! Yes that’s right! Only $20.

Find out more information here: http://www.realmacsoftware.com/socialite/