We review SousChef, the digital cooking assistant for Mac. SousChef is a fantastic addition to any cooking enthusiasts mac line-up!I don’t know about you, but I love to cook! In fact, I love been in the kitchen full stop. All the excitement, pressure and passion in creating good, tasty food really excites me!

But finding new and interesting recipes to cook gets a little dull. Plus, your forced to trawl through thousands of sites, each with their own unique interface and ways of displaying recipes. That gets really old, really fast! Throw in those old recipe books you’ve made, covered in flour and butter from the 1980’s and things get messy.

Fortunately, Acacia Tree Software have released an application that looks set to become a staple in any mac fan’s kitchen – SousChef!

SousChef is a very simple, yet highly sophisticated app. Basically, the app is a single storage place for recipes. You can collect recipes from your favourite food website, or add your own by simply typing them out. If your stuck for ideas, just type in an ingredient and SousChef will search ‘the cloud’ to find recipes you can try.

Each recipe is aggregated via SousChef’s interface, giving them a uniform look and appearance.


Part 2


User ‘cloud’ based database

SousChef has an in-built cloud database of all user recipes. Each recipe entered will be uploaded to the cloud and made available for other cooks worldwide. This is a very cool way to share recipes – unless you don’t want your Great Grandma Ednas Country Pie recipe leaking out, in which case you can opt-out of sharing such a delicacy.

What’s in your Fridge?

Search recipes by multiple ingredients to see what you can actually cook right now without having to nip to the shops.. This is a huge time saver.

Cook with your computer.

Why waste paper and money printing recipes only to throw them away after each use? You can use SousChef up to 10 feet away to keep your Mac safe but still have readable recipes. SousChef can also read out recipes to you in this mode – which is controllable by Speech or remote. This mode features a large text, high contrast full screen view which is perfect for reading at a distance.

SousChef supports the Apple Remote and Keyspan Front Row Remote.

Share your recipe

Really enjoy the recipe you made last night? Quickly mail it or blog about it using the inbuilt sharing tools.


Amazing import feature.Entering recipes from the web is a doddle with the recipe importer. Use a combo of drag and drop tools on your clipboard selection and let the app populate the recipe for you – saving more time!

This is a truly awesome app and we totally recommend it. If you love cooking then this app is an absolute must have app! We’d like to see a little more GUI work in the next version, to make it look like a desktop covered in flour and general cooking mess but that’s a minor detail 🙂

You can purchase SousChef from Acacia Tree Software.