I know that Spotify isn’t out in the US. I know that. And I feel truly sorry. So, I thought the team at AppleReviews could post a little review of Spotify, just for you US users. Currently, Spotify is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain – but rumors suggest it could see the light of day before this years out.

The Concept

If you’ve had your head firmly placed under a rock over the past few months, you may not have heard of Spotify. Here’s how it works. You can download the free application (which is bundled with ads, though several other pricing tiers exist that negate the need for ads) and listen to music for free. That’s it. The way it works is by the track streaming via the internet to your mac, then playing, sort of like a radio station. Spotifiy allows for play lists and all kinds of cool stuff we’ll look at in a second, but the most awesome feature has to be the iPhone app. Whilst you do need to have a £9.99 month account ($15.50) you can listen to your spotify tracks on the move, even if you go offline.

Did I mention that pretty much every track you can think of is either already on the list of available tracks, or is coming shortly. Spotify impressively add new tracks all the time, so the chances are if you can’t find one, it will be there a few weeks later. Genius!

The App

This is the bit you’ve been waiting for. The App. Lets boot it up.



The interface is ridiculously easy to get to grips with. Here we have a playlist showing. The title is handily at the top, and you can view the total run-time of the play list, as well as make it available offline (available to premium users only – who also get 300+ kbps steaming for higher fidelity). Play buttons, repeat and volume controls are on the bottom, as well as the track slider. That’s basically all there is to the interface.

Lets try out the search bar, for 2 artists. A high profile artist, and then a not-so high profile artist.

First up, lets zoom on in to the search box.



Stick in the track name or artist. Spotify is pretty good at guessing too if you misspell it.


Then, as if by magic, we get all the matching songs / artists.

Top right, you have a handy album display, which is useful if you want to play a whole album as opposed to just 1 song.


Our second search was for a band named “Hot Leg”. They are a British Pop-rock band – but few people will have heard of them. And yet, Spotify finds the track, and has their first album and singles in the library. Genius!

That’s basically all there is to spotify. Its a real pick up and get using type app. So, to everyone else in the world waiting for Spotfiy, be patient, because good things come to those who wait.