We love iPhone cases – not least because they stop the pretty chrome Apple on the rear from scratching and scuffing.

We’ve got a bunch of SwitchEasy cases we’ll be reviewing over the coming weeks. Today we’re looking at a clear, NUDE case. The NUDE case gains its name from they fact the iPhone looks stock even with the case fitted – as it sits in at 0.8mm.

Surely, 0.8mm can’t offer much protection? Not so! The NUDE is form hugging (sitting neatly even around the top bezel) and is made from a scratch resistant (coated with Revolutionary Duo UV Scratch Resistant gloss) and made from super strong polycarbonate plastic. This makes for a very tough, scratch-proof case that looks amazing. Finished in clear – this case really does look almost invisible, bar a little SwitchEasy branding and an edge that is visible from the top side.

Holding the NUDE in your hand is very comfortable (some cases we’ve tested have ruined the iPhones ergonomics) but this feels very much like holding the real thing. The gloss coating is non-sticky and feels very nice.

One thing that really impresses us about the SwitchEasy line are the included accessories. In some of the products we’ll review them soon, they include a video mount and dock / headphone jack protectors. With the NUDE, you don’t get the video mount or protectors, but you do get the following:

  • One NUDE ultra thin casing for iPhone 3GS / 3G
  • Two anti-static Screen Guards
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One Squeegee for your Screen Guard applicator

That’s completely brilliant. Very few case makers go to these lengths to make such a great value, quality product and the included accessories really demonstrate SwitchEasy’s aim to be the best case maker out there.

The NUDE is a very good, discreet case – for anyone who wants protection from minor bumps and knocks and scratching. Purchasing a NUDE will keep your iPhone looking great for years to come – great if you plan on selling it at a later point. Most ‘scratch-resistant’ shells we’ve come across do eventually scuff and dull, but SwitchEasy tell us that they bake the resistant coating onto the plastic – fusing the two elements together to create a very tough shell.

The NUDE is available in 7 colors (Black, White, Clear, Orange, Purple, Lime and Turquoise) from http://international.switcheasy.com/ for a brilliant price of $19.99 (+P&P) and we highly recommend their products. Stand by for a giveaway and more reviews of SwitchEasy products over the next few weeks.