Ask me if anything with reptile pattern on it is cool (real or fake) and I’d say no. Unless it was a pair of 1980’s Boots.
Not many things suit crocodile skin and surely not the iPhone? Actually, SwitchEasy produce the Reptile, which is a reptile effect case for the iPhone. And we happen to think it’s pretty awesome!

We’ve looked at a few SwitchEasy cases before, and they are very impressive! The Packaging is neat, including a full-size iPhone cardboard replica – which stores all the accessories supplied with the case. And there’s a lot! With the reptile you get:

  • Distinctive Crocodile skin texture for ultimate grip and style
  • Super strong UltraFrame™ made from GE Lexan® polycarbonate.
  • Unique mix material hybrid design
  • 360° protection solution with bundled screen guards,
    headphone jack protectors, as well as 30-Pin connector protectors.
  • Two anti-static Screen Guards
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One Squeegee Screen Guard applicator
  • Two Universal Dock Adapters (Pearl White and Piano Black)
  • One Video Stand
  • Two Power Jack Connector Protectors
  • Two 3.5mm Headphone Jack Protectors

That’s why I think SwitchEasy are one of (if not) the best case manufacturers around. The cases are impressive quality, well priced, beautifully designed and include a series of accessories with case. The Reptile is very strong and form-fitting – which offers up great impact resistance. SwitchEasy have designed it to offer protection in the major impact areas. Even the volume rocker and power button are covered up, so the case can offer up a little splash resistance too! It feels very comfortable and ‘quality’ in the hand, which is great. And it looks very good. See the pics for a walk through of fitting and what’s in the box.

The Cardboard packaging, shaped like an iPhone screen is a neat idea.

And hidden inside are plenty of goodies. Here you’ll see the stand, docks, ear phone and dock plugs, as well as the screen protector, cloth and applicator. Oh and the instructions…

We’ve cracked them open to help us fit the case. They’re simple to follow.

The case is made of 2 parts – the back and a front bezel. This is the back and front joined together.

Just look at that texture, Crocodile Dundee would be overjoyed!

Splitting the carcass to reveal the top and bottom halves.

Dropping the iPhone to test fit – this is very snug!

Turns out you need to install from the back first, so here’s picture of it while we do that. Looks very good and is very form-fitting to offer great protection for the phone.


The Power button and rocker are very well covered, from dust and moisture.

We’ve fitted the dock protector too, looks almost like an iPhone 4 🙂

And with the headphone socket plug.

Here’s an interesting inclusion, the stand, which works in both portrait and landscape, very simple but works well. We have a friend who glued his stand to his dashboard and uses it as a car stand it works that well.

The Reptile is yet another briliant, well-thought out case from SwitchEasy. If you don’t have a SwitchEasy case, you’re mad. Check them out online at: